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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Last posted Dec 18, 2012 at 09:29AM EST. Added Dec 14, 2012 at 05:52AM EST
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I’m watching it tomorrow with my family and friends and I wanted to know what your thoughts/opinions/whatevers are regarding the movie or even the novel itself? Or, if you want, the Lord of the Rings franchise in general.

Also, since I know they’ll be coming in by the mounds once (or if) this thread gets a-rolling, ALL SPOILERS REGARDING THE MOVIE MUST BE HIDDEN IN A SPOILER BOX!

That means you, bub!

EDIT: I’ll come back to this thread after I’ve watched the movie. Peace!

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I watched it. I liked it

They included my favorite scene from the book and for that I am happy


On the downside it is not as seemingly epic as the Lord of the Rings, perhaps that is because the film used the same formula we saw before. But it still has it’s share of badassery and humor.

My dad was watching with me and he laughed so loud at certain scenes that I had to whisper to him to lower his volume. LOTR certainly wasn’t this funny

I give it a B. Feeling like the same thing cost it an A grade. Humor and action kept it above C

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Ble Screen wrote:

On the downside it is not as seemingly epic as the Lord of the Rings, perhaps that is because the film used the same formula we saw before. But it still has it’s share of badassery and humor.

That’s due to the source material. The Hobbit was a far more light hearted tale than LOTR.

In fact, the Hobbit was a Children’s book! Not a fantasy novel for adults.

EDIT: I have watched the movie, in 3D 48 FPS no less. I’ll give my views a little while later.

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I watched it and loved it but, as with everyone else in this thread, I have to agree that it definitely doesn’t seem to be as fresh as its predecessors due to the fact that it seems to just be the same formula with altered clothing. Nevertheless, the film was definitely funnier than any of the LotR films before it and it gets major brownie points for that. It seems that dwarves make the best fantasy movie comic relief.

My parents, who are massive Tolkien fans, loved it but critiqued that some parts in the movie were different from the source material. They liked that the movie took elements from the mythos of LotR that were not in the actual story though. Now, other people who haven’t read the book can appreciate the story just as well as those who have.

However, some scenes were still questionable to me.

Rock giants out of nowhere. There was absolutely no build up to the scene. They could have mentioned it just before like, “You know, laddies… I heard that rock giants dwell in these misty mountains. I wonder if it’s true?” then BAM rock giants. That would have worked better than just shouting “THE LEGENDS WERE TRUE” like as if we were supposed to know all this info before hand.
Those eagles are the biggest trolls ever. Why couldn’t they have flown the dwarves all the way to Erebor? Instead, they leave them on top of a stone pillar that’s about only a third of the way there. Seriously, this problem translates to the Lord of the Rings too. If the eagles were able to fly Sam and Frodo away from Mount Doom, why couldn’t they have given them the same trip in reverse. Could’ve saved the two a whole lot of trouble.

On a more technical note, the 48 fps speed was a tad unsettling at the beginning but I think my eyes forced themselves to adjust to it because I was fine in the latter parts of the movie. I pity the people who had to watch this movie with a third dimension, though. Must have been painful.

I have no idea how to do spoilers. god help me.
okay, I figured it out.

The rock giants were sorta retconned by Tolkien, being that he never mentioned them again. The Hobbit was not originally meant to be a part of a whole universe, and the giants were just thrown in to add a tiny bit of suspense for his kid. Honestly, they should not have been included in the movie at all being that they serve no point in the books either.
The eagles have an alien motive which I can not understand, even by reading the books. I like to just say that they have a moral and logic method that is beyond our comprehension. They also tend to watch people from extreme heights, like spy satellites, kinda making them the adventurer-pervs of middle earth. Maybe they enjoy watching a good adventure or struggle than they do helping out people they consider good guys.
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I haven’t really been into any of the other LOTR movies or books before, so I thought this would be a good place to start… after seeing the movie, thought it was pretty good (Except for that bullshit cliffhanger) and now probably going to start watching the other movies.

I thought the padding was a bit much. It didn’t need to be three movies and the tacked on parts felt… tacked on.

Also, retconning the scenes with the wizard council to make ominous portents about rising darkness appears no where in the book and feels grating and tacked on. More so given that Sauron comes off looking like a fool and and dork, rather than the omnipotent White Wizard he’s supposed to be.

Just saw it about an hour ago with some friends.



I like dwarves more than the other fantasy races, and this movie only further secured that. The action was just as good as LOTR, same with the music. The humor was better, as well. I have to say that the fights seemed less like they followed the Rule of Conservation of Skill when there were more fighters on the good side. Didn’t have a case of Aragorn chopping down thirty uruk-hai without a scratch only to get his ass kicked by a single one.

It also ended on a good note. Stoked for what’s in the future.

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Watched it yesterday, it’s a good movie even though I will never become a huge 3D fan.

The 48 frames looked strange in the beginning, but camera pans don’t stutter anymore. I doesn’t have the old movie look, but it’s really a non issue after some acclimatization.

>CGI sequences still look awkward as hell

Gollum was excellent and he is still one of the most interesting characters in the universe, but the rest of the CGI didn’t really look top notch to me. Take for instance Radagast’s bunny sledge or the wargs. The orcs looked better in LOTR as well.

There were also a couple of dei ex machina, better be called Gandalf ex machina here and why did they need to include literally multiple cliffhangers?

And damn New Zealand really looks beautiful. I envy you BSoD!


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