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KYM Mod AMA: Verbose

Last posted Aug 17, 2014 at 11:59AM EDT. Added Dec 17, 2012 at 06:47PM EST
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1. What do you think the Mayans are saying now?
2. Does this propensity for prolixity run in your family perchance? Cuz I don’t get it. /racist
3. I seem to be rather indifferent for ponis (the show I mean) these days. Suggest a cure pweety pweese :3?
4. Are you every considering running for President one day?
5. How do you type up a TL;DR that actually makes sense?

Taryn wrote:

I have never read a single one of your posts, not one. Why do you speak so much when most of what you say can be conveyed in a short sentence?

Because, Taryn, he’s the official Teal Deer of KYM.

量子 Meme wrote:

Verbose, are you secretly Kobe Bryant and this is what you do in your spare time?

Typing TL;DRs and baking… pies

Actually, I like baking a lot. I haven’t done it recently, because finding motivation enough to get out of bed has been difficult in the past few months.
As for the claims about being The Black Mamba…


What do you think of Sonic

I like the older games well-enough. I own a compilation of those games for the PS2, and I really like the music for the games. However, I haven’t played any of the newer games, and I’m not a part of the fandom.

I’m not thrilled with Sonic’s personality either, being brash and impatient, so I guess I’m fairly neutral on “Sonic” on the whole.

What do you think of Doctor Who

I guess it feels similar to Community for me: It’s a really good show that I’m interested in, but I don’t have enough interest in it to actually sit down and watch it. I don’t know much about the show or the fandom.

What is your opinion on Gangnam Style being the first Youtube video to reach 1 billion views? (Because that IS definitely happening.)

I love the video, and the song is really catchy. I love it when memes break into the mainstream. It’s part of the whole mixing and mingling of different kinds of people and cultures (Korean pop to the Western world outside of Far East Asia, and Web Culture to mainstream culture.) I think it’s a frontier that shows where the Internet and its culture is going.

It’s no longer a secluded place (although various places will only attract people interested in certain topics.) It’s free for all people to get in on memes and use them however the crap they feel like it. We might say they use it incorrectly, and I groan just like anyone else to see a meme not reach its humorous potential in my mind. But I think that’s part of a meme: it mutates. It’s never bound to being used in the way that it was originally meant.

I think Gangnam Style and its success on YouTube far above pretty much everything else in such a short period of time shows that transformation. For the better or for the worse, it’s really interesting.


Will you purchase the Wii U? Why or why not?

Probably as I get the money for it and once I see games that I want. Any Zelda game is enough for me to consider getting a system along with some other Nintendo games like Pokémon, Smash Bros., Kirby, or Mario Kart. The Virtual Console also helps with that.

I don’t know much about it, but if it has decently developed sports games and racing games, then I probably wouldn’t look into getting other consoles. On the whole, there isn’t enough games of interest to me exclusive to Sony or Microsoft for me to get those console.


Also, what is your favorite Pokemon?

The quick answer is Girafarig.

But since you came by, I’ll say that I also really like some other Pokémon. Click images for sources, if you want them.

Some people say Lumineon doesn’t have any strong stats. I say that I had a ton of fun with it during one of my playthroughs of Platinum, and that it was easily my strongest and most reliable Pokémon.

Ampharos and Feraligatr were two of my favorites in my first playthrough of Silver like Girafarig was. It knew Fire Punch, Strength, Thunderpunch, and Thunder Wave. And even though it probably couldn’t take advantage of Strength (nor did I ever think to use Return), it was always reliable for me. I could send it out against just about any Pokémon, and it always held up. Maybe I just liked its cry.

I recently came to like Bronzong, because of its defenses and Levitate. I attached Leftovers to it, and I could very easily leave it out there again many Pokémon regardless of what it knew. I could even sweep after boosting with Calm Mind after a while.
You might notice that a lot of my preferences are based on how one Pokémon performed in one playthrough of a game. But I had a lot of fun with them, nonetheless. So I came to like these Pokémon a lot more than others, despite them (well, outside of Bronzong) not really being super popular.

I don’t like competitive battling. I don’t have the patience for breeding and catching. I just play with those that I have the most fun with.


Because I don’t think what I want to say can always be conveyed in a short sentence. Or I don’t think that “sufficient” is better than “optimal.” I want to make sure that my point is conveyed properly, and sometimes, it’s just for the sake of conversation topics (although RussianFedora did make the point that it’s hard to be a “Conversationalist” when you talk so much. Doesn’t give others a chance to speak.) You might talk to a person and learn something about their thought process. I think of it as being akin to a multiple choice test and an essay exam.

I think you might understand that if you read one of my posts (which you haven’t,) but since you haven’t, it’s hard for you to say with any accuracy, to be honest.

As for not reading any of my posts, then that’s fine. I don’t really expect people to read everything I type, but many people do. So until most users explicitly say they don’t read what I say (or say they don’t get anything from the longer posts,) I don’t really have a reason to change.

I can’t please everyone nor do I intend to.
Also, that’s not very nice.

I’d rather be long-winded than witty, concise, but mean.

I think it’s usually more important to use a few more (or a lot of) words to save feelings instead of being blunt and potentially offending people on the simple basis of being right or having a legitimate point.
tl;dr: Personal preference. Thanks for the question!

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What do you think the Mayans are saying now?


  1. -dead-
  2. “It’s not the 22nd yet!”
  3. “You are already dead.” kenshiro.avi
  4. “The Game.”

One of the above.

Does this propensity for (tending to speak or write at excessive length) run in your family perchance? Cuz I don’t get it. /racist

Not really, no.

Both of my parents are pretty articulate, as are/were my grandparents on both sides. But we’re all actually rather quiet people, and we only go into great depth when prompted. We listen more than we talk. Rather introverted, really.

As for typing, I’ve been the only writer, and most of that experience came for broadcast journalism. Copy for commercials is not something where you want to use the full extent of your personal lexicon. I guess I just like to express what I want to say and in no uncertain terms, so I guess that somehow lead into writing at length about the most trivial of matters.

I seem to be rather indifferent for ponis (the show I mean) these days. Suggest a cure pweety pweese :3?

Nintendork had something of a similar situation with that. At the least, I think my suggestion would be the same: don’t force yourself to try to enjoy the show. If you’re not enthusiastic about the show, then don’t worry about it.

I’m not quite as enthusiastic about FiM as I once was, but I’ve been in this state for most of the time I’ve been a brony. And I’m OK with that. The fandom is still interesting to observe, I SWEAR I’M MAKING PROGRESS ON THE SURVEY the friends I’ve made in the fandom are still pretty cool, the fanart is still cute and funny, and the show is still good. So I’m OK with where I am.

But if I wanted to “relive” (but I’ve never been able to “revive”) those initial feelings of being all about the Pone, I’d probably go and find nostalgic moments in the show.

For example, I’ve gone to the channels of kyrospawn, epicgteguy, and mlprandom to watch some of my favorite clips from Season 1 or Season 2. I always enjoy some scenes, but watching them also reminds me of how happy those episodes and scenes made me feel.

Rarity’s retort at the end of this clip in Look Before You Sleep is one.
“Pinkie Pie’s ‘rescue’ of Rarity would be another.

Whenever I go back and watch them or small clips like Fluttershy’s squeaks or Pinkie welcoming Cranky to Ponyville, I remember how I felt when I first saw those episodes. Sometimes, it makes me want to go back and watch those episodes again.

I also look at a lot of fanart. Sometimes, looking at the less “savory” images is a turn off, because I remember the fandom is an Internet fandom. But if you make an account and filter out all of the stuff you dislike, Derpibooru could be a source of that feeling you once had (especially with well-written comics.)
Mostly though, don’t force anything, I guess.

Are you ever considering running for President one day?


In case you’re serious, I don’t know if I could do it and be true to myself and the American people simultaneously. There are things I believe that I must endorse or can never endorse or even facilitate. And there are things that I think are best for the country that the country doesn’t want or isn’t ready for.

It’s as simple as that. I can’t tell other people what to do in such situations, but I also can’t betray my own beliefs. So instead of presenting that paradox to myself, I’d just avoid it.

Many of the decisions the President makes are not up to him solely. In fact, he rarely if ever pushes any one bill into law. Checks and balances, Congress and things. But he can always veto bills, many of which wouldn’t have enough support to override his veto.

Also, I’d be a poor politician. Politics here are a matter of PR and tactics. I can be tactful, but I can’t always go with a strategy that’s focused primarily on one objective: election. If I ever believed at any point that another candidate was a better choice than me, then I’d support them instead of explicitly supporting an inferior candidate. It would make debates very awkward.

“…Hm. That’s a good point.”
“Your rebuttal, Mr. Baker.”
“Oh, I don’t have any. That was a good point. I can’t really dispute it.”

How do you type up a TL;DR that actually makes sense?

After writing a long Facebook status, one of my friends once told me that I write like I speak. I guess I’m able to articulate what I say when speaking, and I just let it translate into how I type.

I’m not always sure that people can understand me, because I can go off on tangents when speaking (and therefore writing,) but I haven’t had as many complaints about it as I thought I might have.
Perhaps people are just sorta nodding their heads as they scan my posts.


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