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SMAAAASHing News: Earthbound Remake?

Last posted Dec 21, 2012 at 06:02PM EST. Added Dec 21, 2012 at 02:09AM EST
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While baking, I saw this.

Over Twitter, Itoi shared: “Since I’m allowed to drop it on you all now, I’ll just go ahead and say it. The “Mother re-release” I’d mentioned a bit before, we’re making progress on that."


So this may actually be a remake. Legal issues and a perceived (and potentially true) lack of sales potential outside of Japan made remakes and ports unlikely for years and years. So if this works out, will it be specific to Japan?

Will audiences in other countries get the wrong end of the bat again?
Is the timing of this news just before the end of the world uncanny?

Daft Punkjet wrote:

This would be the remake of the NES Mother game that was not released in the States, right?

No clue. All I know is what I’ve seen in the linked article, and that information is on every other site reporting the news. Like you might know, “Mother” probably encompasses all of the games in the series: Earthbound Zero/Mother, Earthbound/Mother 2, and Mother 3. So the remake project could be several different things, in my opinion:

  • Many people are hoping for a remake compilation of Mother 1, 2, and 3.
  • It is possible that they just remake one of the games.
    • It could be the original that has probably gotten very old especially in terms of graphics.
    • It could be Earthbound which spurred the cult following outside of the US.
    • Or it could be Mother 3, that never saw the light of day outside of Japan but still got Lucas into Smash Bros (and not Ninten.)

What I’m guessing and hoping for, admittedly is that the remake is of one game for the Virtual Console or the 3DS. The reasons behind the lack of remakes involve the legal issues (very often with unauthorized use of samples from The Beatles and various others along with references to characters like the Blue Brothers) or the fact that they aren’t sure it would sell.

If they are concerned with legal issues, then that seems like exporting problem. I think the project is:

  1. Getting clearance for use of the songs
  2. Changing everything else while still making the remade game the same game that had that sort of charm.

But I have no real idea. I’m just really hoping to play Earthbound without having to go through ROMs and emulators. Of course, they don’t know this for sure, but I’d gladly pay the cost of a 3DS or DS game to play one of the games from the series, and I’d certainly play it for $20 or less on the Virtual Console.

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