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Has anyone else heard of Cody saltsman?

Last posted Jan 04, 2013 at 12:54PM EST. Added Jan 03, 2013 at 07:50PM EST
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He’s this kid that him and his friends raped a girl and then posted a video bragging or something like that. It has something to do with anon. I didn’t read much. I heard it in this bodybuilding thread
thread about this

The video is quite disturbing so viewer discretion is advised. It’s just what they say is disturbing, but it’s on YouTube so it has no nudity. Also, they talk about the girl being dead, but she was just unconscious.

Edit: Here’s some more info I just found.

The reason I posted this is because nothing has happend to him yet. That small piece of shit town is protecting the rapists because they care too much about the fact they are on the high school football team.

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Cody Saltsman was a person involved the Steubenville High School alleged raping.
He was told to apologise on twitter, he did, but gave an anonymous member a hard time.
Steubenville High School alleged raping is an alledged raping of a girl. Football members of the school joked about it.
Pictures of this “rape” is surfacing.

Supposedly, Anonymous hacked the Cody’s Saltsman’s team’s website. They gave a warning for an apology for all involved by some date ( 1/1/2013 maybe).


Link3: Dead spin’s take on it, with the anoymous’s video on there.


Link2 is a youtube newsmedia called, The Young Turks complaining over hacking and the raping.


Link: NewYork Daley News’ report.

KYAnonymous, a twitter account that is connected to Anonymous is demanding an apology.
Twitter Account

The same guy says all updates are on posted on a website called: Localleaks.

Michael Nodianos, someone involved, posted a video that is on youtube that is a confession about the rape.
Youtube Video

Hope this is any help. I would love to help anymore with this ,but I don’t know how. If anyone believes this is meme-worthy or has a shot, I would also love to help there.

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lucky for them they got rich parents who are high up in the community

by the justice system alone they’re gonna get away with just a slap on the system….and that’s the justice system for ya

thank god there’s anon to help right these wrongs


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