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Michael Jackson

Last posted Jul 19, 2009 at 10:18AM EDT. Added Jun 25, 2009 at 07:03PM EDT
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Why are people so sad about this?

I go watch a lacrosse game, come home, 6 messages on the answering machine about the same thing from different people.

I mean did you see the guy? He already looked like a zombie, it wasn’t going too be long before he kicked the bucket.

| But losing her is a tragedy.

EDIT And Ed McMahon too. EDIT

Yeah, I got slammed with phone calls about this yesterday. So here are my personal feelings on the subject.

Let the fans grieve or whatever. But I was only 10 years old the first time he was accused of pedophilia. I grew up with Michael Jackson jokes as opposed to witnessing anything that would make someone a super star. My frame of reference is basically limited to seeing him as the media’s favorite freakshow.

I find a lot of people’s obsession over his death to be really hypocritical. It’s always tragic when someone dies; sure. But to see everyone suddenly switch gears from bashing the guy to paying tribute just seems so false.

I guess I’m just one of those people who thinks that because of his odd character that it’s likely that he was guilty of inappropriate behavior with children. But since he was always found not guilty, then I don’t know if what everyone said about him was true and he got away with crimes because of the power of his fame and money or if he was just the victim of worldwide attention.

Either way, I’m really disinterested in the whole thing. I know it sounds insensitive, but faking any admiration for him isn’t something I’m about to do. I suppose it might have been different had I been born earlier than 1984.

Regardless, I hope that people will just let the subject of Michael Jackson rest in peace.

Norsehorse89, I’m looking into the Prison Thriller video. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this. Also, I had no clue that prisons in the Philippines organize choreographed dance recitals as rehabilitation. Crazy.
Great article about it on from 2 years ago.

Michael Jackson’s death is like N64 kid.
N64 Kid-Opens some present… NINTENDO 64! OMG!… “Oh, an RC car… NINTENDO 64”
Deaths of celebrities-A few celebrities die. Everyones sad. Michael Jackson dies.OMG! HE DIED!” Billy Mays * “Oh, Billy Mays died. MICHAEL!” *Sob
It’s like everyone forgot about all the other people.


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