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Beta keys for Firefall

Last posted Mar 31, 2013 at 10:31PM EDT. Added Jan 26, 2013 at 08:33PM EST
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In a nutshell, I have keys for the Firefall beta, a (very fun) MMO/shooter by Red 5 Studios. It’s completely F2P with all revenue made from microtransactions, all of which are cosmetic and don’t change the game at all.
Anyways, if anybody wants a key just make a post here asking for one. I have an infinite amount of keys, so don’t worry about taking one from someone else or thinking I may not have any left. It may take me a bit to get to you but I’ll try to be as fast as I can about it.
(i really hope this doesn’t sound like advertising)

Last edited Jan 26, 2013 at 08:44PM EST

If anyone’s lurking this thread and wondering why it looks like nobody’s getting a key, I’m PM’ing them to everyone.
just to clarify

And done.
If some of the keys don’t work just contact me and I’ll get you a new one. I might have sent the same key to a couple people twice on accident.

Alright, there have been like three or four posts in this thread from people who made accounts solely to ask for a key.
From now on, I’m not giving any keys to people who do that. These were for the site’s community, not random plebs.

burning_phoneix wrote:

I think the game is going into public beta now? So I don’t think you need keys anymore.

Yeah, you’re right.

The developer said on its official website that the next beta weekend will start from February 22 at 12pm PST and will end on February 25 at midnight PST.

I think I have 5 keys or something like that.

Just hit me up on my profile wall and I’ll send one your way.

I haven’t played the game in a while so excuse me if they just took away all my beta key giving privileges.

adhutch wrote:

I will take one please?.!

No, you won’t.
I’m being blunt about it, because the OP specifically said that he wouldn’t give it to Brand New Members (and because I just posted before you referencing OP’s comment. It’s on the same page. It’s not that much text:)

From now on, I’m not giving any keys to people who do that. These were for the site’s community, not random plebs.

I’ve gone and counted, and there is exactly one more forum post than there are Brand New Members. One. And that ONE forum post is in this same thread. If you guys recently came into the community but participated in commenting, uploading images, or just posting around the Just for Fun forum since you came, then I figure Citation might be more apt to reconsider.

But you’ve done nothing but beg a stranger so you can play a game. We won’t hear from you after that.
As for those going to burning_phoneix’s wall and asking him (which comprises the entire remainder of activity of the Brand New Members in this thread,) it’s funny, because he doesn’t respond to wall posts very often (even if he offered.)

It’s something you might come to know if you tried to become a part of the community.

After reading Verbose’s post, I’m not quite sure whether or not I count. I mean, I’ve been here for three months now and I’ve contributed, but have I contributed enough to merit a key?

If I don’t get one, it’s understandable.


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