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2013 summer blockbuster thread

Last posted Feb 12, 2013 at 04:33PM EST. Added Feb 11, 2013 at 02:06PM EST
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Here we talk about the upcoming blockbusters. Which ones are you most excited for? Which ones will make it big and which ones will flop?

Personally, I’m pretty excited to see Iron Man and Man of Steel, but I’m just dying to see the pants shiting awesomeness that is pacific rim. I am so fucking excited to see it.

Words can not describe how much I want to see this. As a kid I loved power rangers, zoids, and Gundam wing, so this has me blown away.

Adam DeLand wrote:

Call me immature all you want, but the only movie that looks interesting to me is Monsters University.

How is that immature, Pixar is fun for everyone.

And I’m pretty anxious to see how this goes:

Cumberbatch is Khan and YOU KNOW IT.

Fridge Logic wrote:
bq. How is that immature, Pixar is fun for everyone.

I just have a certain feeling. I know that Pixar films are for everyone, but I fear that true cinema fans would not like my taste in films. For example, even though I know its ratings and have seen both Doug Walker’s and Blockbuster Buster’s reviews on them, I still want to see Cars 2.

I’ve actually heard some people say that the action In pacific rim might be to slow paced for modern audiences. Ok, when giant robots fighting giant aliens with thier fists and blades can’t keep audiences engaged, I think we should start worrying.

IM3, Pacific Rim (a big maybe) and Star Trek are the only things on my list. Also a big maybe on the Star Trek. Never been a trekkie but I do like a lot of Giant Robot/Monster movies…even though I think that as movies, they are all rather awful. Especially Godzilla. But it is better than a good number of the others.


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