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2013 Major League Baseball General

Last posted Dec 21, 2013 at 04:53PM EST. Added Mar 01, 2013 at 08:28PM EST
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With spring training in full swing (HA- GET IT!?) and opening day coming up at the end of this month, I think it’s about time we get a conversation going for anyone that’s interested. As for me…

…I’ll probably have to endure another shitty season. But hey, anything can happen- there’s at least some promise.

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At least you have Felix Hernandez up there, but a baseball team needs nine players.

Can the San Francisco Giants win the World Series again this year? Well, they’re chiefly a pitching team. Can they pitch?

The Giants are bringing back five starters who have pitched well enough to be the number one pitcher on most teams:

and the question is, can they pitch??? Seriously. Look at the variability in the history of former Cy Young award winners Lincecum and Zito. Vogelsong pitched with a 2.36 ERA in the first half of last year but had a a 4.78 ERA in the second half. And look what happened to Jonathan Sanchez who had a great season in 2010, then the Giants traded him away and his ERA doubled. Cain and Bumgarner have been steady, but Lincecum was steady until last year and Zito was doing alright until he signed with the Giants. You have to wonder if Giants pitchers are cursed, in which case it could be worse.

The Giants still have their secret weapon, Jeremy Affeldt. The setup guy. Good Giants pitching does not stop with the headliners. There is going to be a closer controversy as Brian Wilson should be coming back from an injury that kept him in the dugout last year, but Sergio Romo has been doing Wilson’s job, growing Wilson’s beard, and also clowning in the dugout without the collateral damage. If I were Bruce Bochy, I would put Wilson on relief before giving him his job back.

Perhaps the most important thing to note about the Giants’ pitching staff is that Tim Lincecum cut his hair and put on a pair of glasses, changing his look from Stoner Musician to Rachel Maddow. Everyone who was joking that he should cut his hair is probably now begging him to grow it back.

Giants hitting is good enough to get by. One interesting competition: catcher Buster Posey was league MVP, but Hector Sanchez is good enough at hitting and the catching job (calling pitches, etc) that the team had Sanchez catching in 48 of their 162 games, moving Posey to 1B or DH in 32 of them.

So if their pitching holds up as well as it ought to, they’ll be in the postseason. Last year they barely made it after the Dodgers had a late-season collapse.

So what about the Oakland A’s?

What about them?

The A’s are a better team than they should be on paper. Few to no stars and they won the division. Good for them. They’re another pitching team; their pitchers are less dramatic than the Giants but they get the job done. They need to hit better or they’ll have trouble making the postseason again.

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My first love in sports was baseball, but I can’t say I really follow it or any team currently.

I’m originally from the south, and unlike most teams, the Atlanta Braves pretty much is the team of an entire region of the United States. Of course, Atlanta is in Georgia, but there aren’t any MLB teams in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, or Kentucky.

Of course, Louisiana and Mississippi are close to Houston, and Kentucky isn’t far from the Midwest and Cincinnati, but all of those states are a part of the southeast, and the only major league team in the southeast is the Atlanta Braves.

I grew up watching the Braves win division title year after year after year after year…Fred McGriff, Andruw Jones, Marquis Grissom, Javier Lopez, David Justice, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz (Rocker who?) and, of course, Chipper Jones are part of my personal baseball legends. It’s odd how the play of Cal Ripken Jr. caught my eye though as well.

After living in the south all of my life, I moved to St. Louis. And although Atlanta is basically the Team of the South, St. Louis loves the Cards in a way that Atlanta has never recently loved the Braves, even after their one World Series title back in 1995.

Being in a city that really got behind its team was a great sports experience. Everyone knew how the Cardinals were doing, and I was able to be in the town during the World Series win in 2011. It was almost like being in Athens, GA during a University of Georgia football gameday, except there wasn’t quite as much alcohol (Athens get drunk, y’all) and the red wasn’t quite as congested, but it was much more widespread.
However, as a sports fan, I’m kicking myself that I waited until after Albert Pujols left St. Louis to watch my first Cards’ game.

Either way, I’m hoping to move to the Atlanta area, and I’ve got some friends who are pretty hardcore Bravos’ fans. Hopefully, they’ll take me to some games, and we can watch that new outfield with the Upton brothers.

And once the regular season rolls around, I’m going to make a real effort to listen to St. Louis ESPN radio to stay up on the Cards. (The Fast Lane is Best Radio Sports Show, by the way. You really have to give the 6pm Eastern “I’m Just Sayin’” segment a listen online if you haven’t before.)
And maybe this thread won’t get locked due to inactivity over the course of 162 regular season games. Chowzburgerz tends to make sports threads around playoff time, because it’s hard to keep steady interest and posts up for an entire season.

Just about anybody will do better than my Rockies this year. We have a good offense, but nothing’s changed on a pitching staff that was dead last in ERA, quality starts, WHIP, and BAA in the entire league.

0.9999...=1 wrote:

With spring training in full swing (HA- GET IT!?) and opening day coming up at the end of this month, I think it’s about time we get a conversation going for anyone that’s interested. As for me…

…I’ll probably have to endure another shitty season. But hey, anything can happen- there’s at least some promise.

…I’ll probably have to endure another shitty season.

Motherfucker, please.

Here’s my prediction for the standings:

AL East:

1. Toronto Blue Jays 98-64 (Division Champions)
2. New York Yankees 88-74
3. Tampa Bay Rays 84-78
4. Baltimore Orioles 80-82
5. Boston Red Sox 77-85

AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers 94-68 (Division Champions)
2. Kansas City Royals 91-71 (Wild Card)
3. Cleveland Indians 86-76
4. Chicago White Sox 79-83
5. Minnesota Twins 69-93

AL West:

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 95-67 (Division Champions)
2. Texas Rangers 93-69 (Wild Card)
3. Oakland Athletics 90-72
4. Seattle Mariners 80-82
5. Houston Astros 66-96

NL East:

1. Washington Nationals 97-65 (Division Champions)
2. Atlanta Braves 93-69 (Wild Card)
3. Philadelphia Phillies 86-76
4. New York Mets 70-92
5. Miami Marlins 68-94

NL Central:

1. Cincinatti Reds 95-67 (Division Champions)
2. St. Louis Cardinals 88-74
3. Pittsburgh Pirates 80-82
4. Milwaukee Brewers 75-87
5. Chicago Cubs 60-98

NL West:

1. San Francisco Giants 94-68 (Division Champions)
2. Los Angeles Dodgers 92-70 (Wild Card)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks 82-80
4. Colorado Rockies 77-85
5. San Diego Padres 70-92

Puerto Rico cinderella story continues after defeating the two time defending WBC champion, Japan. Puerto Rico will either face The Netherlands or the undefeated Dominican Republic in tomorrow’s final.

Went to today’s Ranger opener and I loved how terrible Pujols and Hamilton did. Also loved how the Ballpark gave Hamilton an insult to injury with the message “Baseball Town.” Rangers beat the Angels 3-2.

Well, one month is down. Here’s the current standings:

NL East

Atlanta – 17-12
Washington – 16-15 (2)
Philadelphia – 14-16 (3.5)
New York 12-15 (4)
Miami – 8-22 (9.5)

NL Central

St. Louis – 18-11
Pittsburgh – 17-13 (1.5)
Cincinnati – 17-14 (2)
Milwaukee – 14-14 (3.5)
Chicago – 11-19 (7.5)

NL West

Colorado – 17-12
San Francisco – 17-12
Arizona – 15-14 (2)
Los Angeles – 13-15 (3.5)
San Diego – 12-17 (5)

AL East

Boston – 20-9
New York – 18-11 (2)
Baltimore – 17-13 (3.5)
Tampa Bay – 13-15 (6.5)
Toronto – 10-21 (11)

AL Central

Detroit – 17-11
Kansas City – 15-10 (0.5)
Cleveland – 14-13 (2.5)
Minnesota – 12-14 (4)
Chicago – 12-15 (4.5)

AL West

Texas – 18-11
Oakland – 17-14 (2)
Seattle – 15-17 (4.5)
Los Angeles – 11-18 (7)
Houston – 8-22 (10.5)

Now the question becomes: how long until the Royals start to fade? It seems like they start every season red hot and ready to challenge the Tigers/Sox/Twins only to implode by the All Star break.

Oh god, Valverde’s back. Dombroski, why didn’t you get a closer in the offseason? It was literally the only thing we needed? Now I have to have some nitroglycerin handy everytime the ninth inning rolls around.

I also can’t believe how much the Angels are sucking. They were suppose to be the big challengers in the AL West, and they’re not even at .500. So much for Trout winning MVP.

To be fair, the season’s still young. There’s still plenty of time for the Tigers to blow the weakest division in baseball.

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Update time:

NL East

Atlanta – 21-16
Washington – 20-17 (1)
Philadelphia – 18-21 (4)
New York 14-20 (5.5)
Miami – 11-27 (10.5)

NL Central

St. Louis – 23-13
Cincinnati – 22-16 (2)
Pittsburgh – 21-16 (2.5)
Milwaukee – 15-20 (7.5)
Chicago – 15-22 (8.5)

NL West

San Francisco – 23-15
Arizona – 21-17 (2)
Colorado – 20-17 (2.5)
San Diego – 16-21 (6.5)
Los Angeles – 15-21 (7)

AL East

New York – 24-14
Baltimore – 23-15 (1)
Boston – 22-16 (2)
Tampa Bay – 19-18 (4.5)
Toronto – 15-24 (9.5)

AL Central

Detroit – 20-15
Cleveland – 21-16
Kansas City – 18-16 (1.5)
Minnesota – 17-17 (2.5)
Chicago – 15-20 (5)

AL West

Texas – 24-13
Oakland – 19-20 (6)
Seattle – 18-20 (6.5)
Los Angeles – 14-23 (10)
Houston – 10-28 (14.5)

Ernest Is dead wrote:

Everyones talking about baseball
And i’m just sitting here laughing at pirates season ticket holders

I get the feeling that Pittsburgh is improving not to mention you guys got Andrew McCutchin.

Ernest Is dead wrote:

Everyones talking about baseball
And i’m just sitting here laughing at pirates season ticket holders

>Not laughing at feeling sorry for Astros or Marlins ticket holders
Do you even follow the basement teams?

Did anyone notice that the predictions for the al east were so stupidly wrong.
Anyways, the rays have turned out a streak of six, giving us a >.500 avg. for the first time in like, forever. For this season at least. Thinks of the devil rays era and shudders

0.9999...=1 wrote:

Well, the team that I’ve gotten so used to talking shit about just completed a 2-1 series win at Yankee Stadium today.
Dammit, going so long without complaining makes my head hurt.

Seattle, you are our last hope for some good competition. Seriously, the AL West is going to be a one sided race in favor of my Rangers.

Looks like the Indians will be our only serious competition this season what with the Royals beginning their standard mid-season slide. Now for the Tigers to lazily coast by with a .500 record until the panic sets in in late August and they have to scramble to beat the Indians.

Update time:

NL East

Atlanta – 28-18
Washington – 24-23 (4.5)
Philadelphia – 23-24 (5.5)
New York 17-27 (10)
Miami – 13-34 (15.5)

NL Central

St. Louis – 30-16
Cincinnati – 29-18 (1.5)
Pittsburgh – 28-18 (2)
Milwaukee – 18-27 (11.5)
Chicago – 18-27 (11.5)

NL West

San Francisco – 26-21
Arizona – 26-21
Colorado – 26-21
San Diego – 21-25 (4.5)
Los Angeles – 19-26 (6)

AL East

New York – 28-18
Boston – 28-19 (0.5)
Baltimore – 25-21 (3)
Tampa Bay – 24-22 (4)
Toronto – 19-27 (9)

AL Central

Cleveland – 26-19
Detroit – 25-19 (0.5)
Kansas City – 21-22 (4)
Chicago – 21-24 (5)
Minnesota – 18-25 (7)

AL West

Texas – 30-17
Oakland – 25-23 (5.5)
Seattle – 20-27 (10)
Los Angeles – 19-27 (10.5)
Houston – 14-33 (16)

Mack TheUnoriginal wrote:

So, who do you guys think has the dubious crown of “worst division in baseball”?

I love the NL East, but I think you could make a case for them being the worst.

AL West. It’s turning into a one sided contest for Texas.

chowzburgerz wrote:

AL West. It’s turning into a one sided contest for Texas.

That’s definitely true, but the second place teams in both divisions are both just barely over .500, and I hate to say it, but Texas is better than Atlanta right now. plus the nl east has the marlins, who are just horrible. I really think the nl east is worse, if just barely.

Tigers continue to putter along, just barely ahead of the Indians, who appear to be our only challengers this season after the Royals had their annual mid-season collapse. (I wonder if the Royals’ woes are tied to their interleague record?) Let’s just hope nobody gets hot or we might be in some trouble.


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