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KYM Pony General VII: Live Free or Twi Hard

Last posted Jul 06, 2014 at 04:08PM EDT. Added Apr 19, 2013 at 12:22AM EDT
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Stunt was all like:

Oh. and to keep it on the subject of ponies, what do you guys think the MLP characters would dress up as if there was a second episode set during Nightmare Night?

Fluttershy would be a tree. You just can’t argue against it.

On an entirely unrelated note, today marks the day I’ve been on KYM for 1 year!

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I don’t really think anything can surprise me anymore when it comes to “disturbing” content. I once again must fall back on my “don’t give a shit” policy. When I see something weird or disturbing (like the Twilight plushie bondage) I just smile, roll my eyes, and move on. People always have this strange tendency to take things extremely seriously. The porn! The creepy fetishes! The Sturgeon’s Law! Please point me to a section of the internet that doesn’t have that. Hell, I have to squint my eyes when I look up “erection” on Wikipedia because I know there’s going to be a 1080 × 760 HD picture of an erect penis staring at me from the little information sidebar.

vintiezre said:

…shitty drawings that appear on Deviantart…

Not finding shitty drawings on DeviantART is one of the signs of Jesus’ Second Coming. (See: Isaiah 2:12, 16)

Title: Daring Don’t
Air Date: December 7, 2013
Synopsis: Rainbow Dash and friends offer to help their favorite author finish her latest book.

>mfw my “Twilight’s mom is Daring Do’s author” headcanon might get canonized

More importantly, that synopsis suggests we’ll see Twilight’s mother in the show for the first time, if she IS the author of Daring Do. I wonder if Velvet is visiting her daughter, or if Twilight Sparkle is visiting her parents?

So the moral of the story will be Rainbow Dash finding out that a fan should not write the canon for their favorite book? I mean seriously, we all know how this will end up. Rainbow Dash makes a Mary Sue OC and fucks up the entire story.

Or they’ll surprise us. Also….. “that synopsis suggests we’ll see Twilight’s mother in the show for the first time,” U wat?

I hope you meant ’We’ll see her mother TALK’

Rosebud was the sled.

Also, I have to admit this is the only place where I (Okay…..the Forum and not much of the image gallery) where I can really ENJOY being a part of the fandom. Other places just have too much of the negatives of the fandom or they are the extremely defensive bronies or the ones that’ll be like “No, I’m not gay! I love action movies and titties!” when the ‘Bronies r gay’ comments show up, or the ones that are continuously petitioning to get Twilicorn banned from the show and changed back to a unicorn (and are VERY serious about it).

This thread is really the only place where I can actually say I like all the posters here legitimately (Even the Worst pone I mean poster: Platus) and we can all manage to have fun cue Luna. Whereas on other Pony themed websites I hate at least 12 of the people there and I have the urge to facedesk. So be proud people of Pony thread, you are the only ones I like unconditionally.

Now I’m done jerking everyone off here so be happy Verbose. You glorious, glorious mod. Well shit there I go again, just can’t stop the circlejerk.

Kewln00b The Manchild wrote:

Ehh, I don’t see anything in the fandom that makes me downright HATE it (Like what’s been said before, MLP isn’t the only fandom out there with porn. Shit there’s a lot of shows out there where the main characters are kids and people make porn out of that….and some of them don’t have the common courtesy to “age” them and make them 18+ for the sake of the porn.) but I can definitely see where a brony may get angry at the fandom at times.

1. For one, we DID start on 4chan. There’s a lot of people on the internet who think they’re above 4chan and hate said website in every way possible. Of course there are bronies out there who’ll act holier than thou over 4chan.
2. The guy who married Twilight Sparkle.
3. We tend to overreact to ‘little’ things (whether you like Twilicorn or not you have to admit, that was a HUGE shitstorm for a cartoon.)
4. When there’s a cringe thread it’s really easy to find material. But we’re not going to do that in fear of speeding trucks.
5. The guy who married Twilight Sparkle.
6. We went from ‘The Untrollable Fandom’ to the guys who flip their shit when someone says “Bronies r fags”
7. The guy who married Twilight Sparkle.

Did you guys hear about the guy who married Twilight Sparkle? Kind of a small time story you probably haven’t heard of it, but all I know is it rustles my jimmies badly.

That list is 100% accurate, though you forgot to include the guy who married Twilight Sparkle.

@The three Hooligans above me. Congratulations, now I like everyone on this thread except for three. You guys are now the Snips, Snails and Prince Blueblood of this thread to me. Won’t say which one is which, all I know is whoever is supposed to be Blueblood better start hiding now, cause in 6-8 weeks I’m going to find you, then I’m going to make you watch all of G3.5….then kill you.

Jimmy Lethal wrote:

He also forgot that incident a couple months ago where this guy married Twilight Sparkle.

Oh, you guys heard about my wedding. We should have just eloped to Aruba, like she suggested.

I’m talking, that must mean there are spoilers abound.

You’re a terrible flier, Twilight.

It looks like there’s going to be some expected awkwardness surrounding Twilight’s new status. And awkwardness surrounding Twilight’s new wings.

It looks like Twilight is just going to be all around awkward.

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Kewln00b The Manchild wrote:

Hey guys, here to post but not about spoilers. But instead, I post cute.

Our favorite artist is back but who the fuck is this guy and why is their Raridash so adorable?!?!

Alright, now to redo this gif with every possible combination of characters – including the OCs.

Hay guise. Guess what I’m here for.

Another pony picture yet again of course, which makes it the third one for the month. The pace has been fast since I got some inspiration a while back, but I think I used it all up at once. Don’t feel much like drawing anymore at the moment, so it’ll probably be ages before I’ll post something new.

I think I’ll draw something different for a while. Maybe I should go for League of Legends related art. I’d really love to try and draw Kog’Maw.

Anyways, here’s the pic. I dunno when I’ll post again, but I’ll still be lurking like usual.

20% Cooler than Ice Rinsankajugin wrote:

Cool art as always, Muumi! :D


Hmm, how to talk about this without having to post a spoiler tag?

Ahem, OMG Did you see THAT?! That was fucking amazing! I mean did you see Rainbow Dash and that thing? What the fuck are they trying to pull off with that?! Whoa shit that was a mind blower, seriously my mind is blown from that scene! OMG WAS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!

Getting on the Hype train people! All aboard! Next stop, late November!!!

But in all due seriousness I think we were all right when we said that the marketing would go into full gear once November hit….I mean we even got a snippet of the script the other day!

Oh, and you anti-spoiler peeps need to stay off the Image Gallery now. Don’t know EXACTLY how big of a spoiler this is considering they strongly hinted at it in a certain episode of season 3 that it would happen but if I told people I’d probably get downvoted to oblivion by everyone saying “THOSE FUCKING SPOILERS YOU DAMN CASUAL! NOW I HAVE THE ENTIRE SEASON SPOILED TO ME!” so yeah beware, we don’t want anyone finding out Luna is Pinkie Pie’s long lost sister or anything.

Last edited Nov 02, 2013 at 02:00PM EDT

Guys, guys, guys! Not related to S4, but it’s a pretty damn large vid that took almost a year to make! The Turnabout Storm Series has now finished, and I couldn’t be any happier to see it end with such a bang!

For those who don’t know of it, Turnabout Storm is a crossover of the Ace Attorney Series and the MLP universe. I won’t risk spoiling the story, so if you want to watch it, links at the bottom.

Warning: The finale vid is 2:34:00 long, so only watch if you have plenty of time to spare. The rest of series combined takes around 8+ hours to watch, so you’d miss a LOT if you don’t see it from the beginning.

Turnabout Storm Part 1
Turnabout Storm Part 2
Turnabout Storm Part 3 Phoenix Section
Turnabout Storm Part 3 Twilight Section
Turnabout Storm Part 4
Turnabout Storm Finale

Last edited Nov 02, 2013 at 04:28PM EDT

I love how, despite it being a 30 second ad, they still haven’t given us any more information then what we already had from the press release and synopsis.

The whole two parter better take place within a 24 hour time period or else I’m going ot have to redo the plot of one of my fanfic ideas…again. At this rate, I’ll never write that “Cosmic Council takes over Equestria” fanfic.

Also, they really need to implement a spoiler tag in the Image Gallery like the NSFW tag. While I usually spoil myself, I do draw a line at leaks, and I remember having to avoid the Image Gallery for days after last year’s Crystal Empire leak occurred. Even then, “Dark Magic Celestia” was still spoiled.

@Derpy De Los Muertos Vazquez

Mah nigga.
(Did I ever mention how much OTP Twiluna is?)

Last edited Nov 02, 2013 at 05:57PM EDT

Alright Mancolters, since the weather today was totally optimal the ol’ club did what is probably our finest work yet. I don’t think we even used a vector reference for it. We have ascended past the artistic capabilities of mere mortals and will enter enlightenment soon. Behold the work of gods:

(This isn’t even on a chalkboard by the way, it’s a table. That’s how good we are)
We did a few more arts on chalkboards since it was kind of raining outside. This is an abridged version of what happened.

Originally we were going to draw a Shadowbolt to be spooky. Oh, and here’s my plushie wearing my work clothes Halloween costume. That is all.

I had no idea this even existed. Thank you.

@Season 4 Spoiler
I wasn’t going to spoiler button this because it’s old, but…

…make that Inception reference just for fun or do you think they were actually doing some form of foreshadowing? What was shadow? So much why! Everything else was from new season (that I could tell) except that part which was from Hurricane Fluttershy. Season 2! So old.

Half day and half night.

Thought that image was from season 2 as well, but in the background it’s pretty clearly half day and half night. Dismissable, yet…

…very familiar and chaotic. My bets are that the EoH are useless and they go to Discord for help. He certainly seems to be knowledgeable about the situation of things.

Also, this thread needs more:

Last edited Nov 03, 2013 at 03:24AM EST

>dat Winguardium Leviosaugh

In “/mlp/ shitstorms that never die” news, the Twilicorn shitstorm continues, eight months after it started. After they were unable to fully lose their minds when the “bowing” scene from the intro was revealed to simply be everyone gathering together for a group photo (who would have thought, she doesn’t always lie), they’ve resorted to the old standby “it’s unnecessary” and “it’s going to turn into the Twilight Sparkle Show” arguments to keep things going. Notably, the “she’ll abandon her friends” and “she’s OP’d now” ones are now gone, a sign that S4 is already starting to crush some of them.

CrashGordon94 wrote:

If we’re doing a princess, why not the better sister?

Sir, you’re just asking for a Negative Karma Bomb being sent your way. NO ONE on the internet will take too kindly to you saying Luna isn’t the better princess.

vintiezre wrote:

I agree, why not both?

Quick! Someone draw Luna in a Celestia costume!
Or Celestia in a Luna costume!
Luna and Celestia at a costume party dressed as each other!

Kewln00b The Manchild wrote:

Sir, you’re just asking for a Negative Karma Bomb being sent your way. NO ONE on the internet will take too kindly to you saying Luna isn’t the better princess.

Yes, I know it’s risky but it has to be done.
Luna gets SO much attention as it stands, does she REALLY need a thread?

EDIT: Platus: Someone already did the first one.

Last edited Nov 03, 2013 at 02:57PM EST

Platus wrote:

Quick! Someone draw Luna in a Celestia costume!
Or Celestia in a Luna costume!
Luna and Celestia at a costume party dressed as each other!

I sort of agree on that Luna receives a lot of attention. Maybe it’s because more people can relate with her than with Celestia, I don’t really know.
You probably could have put the “better sister” part in a less harsh way, but I still hope you won’t get downvotes for stating your opinion.

Both sisters

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