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KYM Pony General VII: Live Free or Twi Hard

Last posted Jul 06, 2014 at 04:08PM EDT. Added Apr 19, 2013 at 12:22AM EDT
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The Cute Master :3 wrote:

AHHHHHH! Too late to change my post! Oh well. Here, have some videos I just stumbled across on Hasbro’s YT channel.

They have a whole bunch of really dumb “Meet X” vids too, but these were more related to today. lol.

Also… (minor episode spoilers)

Do you guys really think we’ll see these guys? It kinda scares me…just kinda…

↑↑↑ From page 164 ↑↑↑

Ask, and ye shall be converted to glorious season 4 graphics. Now it’s only matter of time before we see the seaponies! xD

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Alex Mercer wrote:

Hey, I’ve been meaning to post the original version of that song:

The tune is just so bouncy and… well, fun!

Wait a second…


<div class=spoiler title=“Anyone like some science?”>

That butt video is actually a really cool example of a psychological phenomenon known as the McGurk Effect!
Close your eyes and listen to it again and you will realize that the audio has not been changed at all from the original, just the images.
Basically, despite the fact that Pinkie is saying ‘Fun’ over and over, the visuals and words on the screen cause your brain to sort of override that information and make you hear ‘butts’ even though it is never actually said.
In fact, it may be a better example even than the one used in this video describing it:

Never thought I’d be able to connect a relatively obscure piece of cognitive psychology to pony butts!

Hooray for science!


“Hey, Skyman…”

“Plushies are my turf…”

Awesome Dashie you got there!
I like how you sound so satisfied!
.. for now.
Soon, the bug will gnaw at you and you will need another… then another, and another!
The plush train never stops!
(Or more likely, I’m just insane and you’ll be fine!)


[Circus Music Intensifies]

@The McGurk Effect

That actually sounds a lot like a Mondegreen:

A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning.

It most commonly is applied to a line in a poem or a lyric in a song. American writer Sylvia Wright coined the term in her essay “The Death of Lady Mondegreen”, published in Harper’s Magazine in November 1954. “Mondegreen” was included in the 2000 edition of the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary added the word in 2008. The phenomenon is not limited to English, with examples cited by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in the Hebrew song Háva Nagíla (“Let’s Be Happy”), and in Bollywood movies.

A closely related category is soramimi--songs that produce unintended meanings when homophonically translated to another language.

The unintentionally incorrect use of similar-sounding words or phrases in speaking is a malapropism. If there is a connection in meaning, it can be called an eggcorn. If a person stubbornly sticks to a mispronunciation after being corrected, that person has committed a mumpsimus.

Look at that description – see all those wonderful fun-to-say words! It’s like an orgy for the tongue.

Alex Mercer wrote:


“Hey, Alex Mercer…”

“Butts are my turf…”

If there’s two things I’m good at, it’s paying tribute to butts and paying tribute to Deadparrot. Now all I need is a way to combine the two… I think it’s time for some evil plotting!

Yes, much better.

Anyway, looks like the whole Flank Army thing is taking off. I still like the name butt club better. Eh, whatever. At least you guys know that I liked butts before they were cool. I’m a right proper hip ster!
…I’ll see myself out.

@Filly thread

xTSGx wrote:

>more butt circlejerking
Page 170 can’t come soon enough.

I’m going to talk with the other mods to see if we just need to handle that ourselves. Or make things very simple.

Partially to prevent anything like last time.

…mostly, just to spite you specifically though, xTSGx.

“Hey, you!”

“Yeah, YOU!”

“Check this out!”

A group of programmers took that leaked pre-release copy of Fighting is Magic and has been secretly tinkering with it for months now until today.
They have now actually released what they are calling ‘Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition’ which is basically a fully-functional version of the core game, all the main six included and playable!
Hit up the article for links to download and instructions on how to set up online multiplayer (Yeah, you can play it online!):

I completely suck at fighting games, but I’m sure there is a lot of potential here for people to play together.
KYM Tourney, anyone?

So yeah, that which was presumed dead has been brought back to life!
I have absolutely no idea what the legal implications of this could be since the original project was C&D’d, but this was done in secret from a build that was never meant to be seen and I guess there isn’t much that can be done now that it is out there on the internet.
Its ‘outlaw’ nature will almost certainly keep it from participating in any large, official tournament settings which is presumably what got it shut down in the first place, so maybe it will be okay.
I just hope no one ends up getting in trouble for this because it really is a project of epic proportions.


Last edited Feb 28, 2014 at 09:07PM EST

@Fighting is Magic: I saw that earlier today and was interested. Can anyone comment on it’s legitness? I don’t want to download it if it’s still filled with bugs. (My HD is kinda full almost. lol.)

Edit: Screw whether it works or not. I should just download it before it gets C&D again somehow. lol.

Last edited Feb 28, 2014 at 09:29PM EST

@Fighting is magic

Okay, okay. Nobody tell Hasbro about this.

Do not post it on facebook. Do not post it on Tumblr. No not post it in Equestria daily. Do not post on Pinterest. Do not post on Google+

Post it on brony boards only and keep it under wraps

Failure to comply will result in this getting Hasbro’d again. But since I have no faith Hasbro wont find out somehow, better get it while it lasts.


Hey… Someone recommended another anime for me to watch, and I got into it.

Anyways… As I’m prone to do whenever I get into something new… I just searched to see if anyone had ponified it yet… And the only thing I found on Derpibooru for it was this “make it happen” image.

I’m seriously beginning to think the seeming universal spread of ponies is starting to look like a myth… Not necessarily a good or bad myth, but to some extent its a self imposed one and seemingly enforced.

…Its either that or I’m turning into a hipster, and am finding things before they became cool.

Though if we are going to pull the hipster angle, there is one insufferable hipster angle I’d like to go for.

That I’ve been drawing fairy winged ponies since before they were canon.

…Though granted, I don’t draw her much.

Forgive me for that.

Uh, you may want to check my link there…

Yeah, I found this on EqD so it isn’t exactly a secret anymore, if it ever was.
But like I said, it’s on the internet now.
Hasbro hasn’t even been able to quash all of the ways that people download the show without their permission so I really doubt they will be able to do anything against people downloading this.
I don’t think we have to worry about it being lost to the ether.

I do wonder how Hasbro will react, if they choose to do so at all.
It is a pretty clear subversion of their C&D, though it was apparently done by people unrelated to those who were actually being told to stop.
I’d say that unless Hasbro could somehow prove that someone from Mane6 intentionally leaked content after the shutdown or contributed to this reboot in some way, they probably don’t have too much of a legal position to act so they probably won’t.
It’s sort of over and done and attempting to pursue it now would be unlikely to have any positive results.

I’m just hoping that it doesn’t sour their attitude toward other fan projects.
Maybe they will come to the conclusion that they were too lenient on the original Fighting is Magic at first, allowing them to get to the point of having a working build that could later be released like this.
Maybe it will make them quicker to pull the C&D trigger on other projects they see that could potentially follow a similar path.
I hope it doesn’t, but I know that most businesses (and people, for that matter) don’t really appreciate deliberate attempts to subvert their decisions.

I’ve already downloaded it and been able to run it without any issues.
(Well, no issues besides me getting my ass beaten by the CPU because I have no idea what I’m doing.)
Not discouraging caution and diligence, but it seems to be safe.
The total unzipped size is about 571MB on my computer though, so you may need to watch that if you are low on space.

How about an extremely odd reversal of the usual copyright stuff?
Check this out:

There’s this guy over on deviantArt by the name of OtakuSquirrel who has been making custom resculpts for pony hair for quite a while (i.e. replacing ‘brushable’ hair with molded manes and tails accurate to the show) and he recently was pointed to the box art for a board game that Hasbro has licensed for creation.

Seems innocent enough until you notice that that Rarity doesn’t really look like Hasbro’s usual fare.
Because it isn’t.
Here she is off Otaku’s page:

In an even odder twist, those other figures in his picture actually are just standard Hasbro blindbags (that he was using for comparison to his Rarity), but you’ll notice that the game’s box art ‘stole’ those images too.
Someone just photoshopped his picture, cut out all four figures and pasted them on their box.
It’s pretty blatant but you can check out comparison shots here if you want to: OtakuSquirrel

It’s kind of funny because, while he has reached out to Hasbro about this, he seems less angry and more… bewildered.
Apparently he was able to find out that the game was being made by a third-party company working for Hasbro on license so Hasbro proper was not even aware of this, but that just makes you ask why a company working for Hasbro had to resort to cutting up random internet photos for its box art.
Did Hasbro not provide them with material?
The pictures on the box are supposed to represent game pieces included inside, but since at least one image is of something that could not possibly be in there, what is?
It’s just a very odd situation all around.

Body hurts, working soul crushing graveyard suicide shift at work. No time to do anything other than work, sleep and eat. Only thing I can look forward to is that new episode of my favorite little ponies tomorrow. Unless I end up sleeping in because I have to leave for work a half hour after the episode premieres. Because THAT would suck donkey ass.

@Possibility of having no thread title election this time. Are you kidding me guys? Are you telling me that you DON’T want to have to deal with that again? It’s a fun experience, watch these level headed mods deal with a conspiracy that drives them to extremes to decide what the title will be until they step down from their moderator throne? Rated PG-13.

Just wait until a few days from now, when OtakuSquirrel gets a commission for 10,000 custom Raritys, and the commissioner asks if they can resell the figures.


I.. I haven’t been keeping up with the thread as much lately, so..

Would anyone else like to discuss the heart attack worthiness of dm29 and his adora-ponies?

Sheesh, you guys really like butts, huh?

Did I accidentally hypnotise you all or something? I mean, keep posting butts if you want, but just because I bring it up doesn’t mean you guys have to come along to the butt-club meeting. If we do this every time I start off about butts, we’ll be doing this after 75% of the posts that I make.

Extisgex wrote:

>more butt circlejerking
Page 170 can’t come soon enough.

Pssh, we’re posting filly ponies and you aren’t calling us out on filly circlejerking. Maybe I’m just reading that post wrong and the real reason you can’t wait for page 170 is because you just love butts so much and you want to vote on a butt-related title for the next thread!

…We’re probably pissing Crimson off again. Sorry Crimson. I’ll make it up to you if you want. I can pay you in stallion butts.

@Fighting is Magic Tribute
Odd how I never really thought of this happening… I guess I just assumed that people would let it slide and play the game Mane6 is working on with Lauren. I’ll download the tribute when I can.

I did see some Derpy splash art that said it was the “official” art for the tribute addition at one point. I was confused as to what it meant, but I guess we know now, huh?

By the way, on the DeviantArt page that this image comes from, it says that Derpy, Trixie, Octavia and Gilda are going to be DLC characters! So if this gets C&D’d, I assume we’ll be having a tribute to the tribute addition just so we can see them put in it.

Actually, thinking about it, Mane6 had a bunch of season 1 characters they were going to include as DLC… I wonder if the tribute addition is just guessing or if someone actually knew which characters they had planned… because if so, that would imply someone behind the scenes was involved. Or did they release a list after the original game was stopped?



@Possibility of having no thread title election this time. Are you kidding me guys? Are you telling me that you DON’T want to have to deal with that again? It’s a fun experience, watch these level headed mods deal with a conspiracy that drives them to extremes to decide what the title will be until they step down from their moderator throne? Rated PG-13.

I’m not changing policies. I’m running this election and this is how it will go.

After page 170 I’ll stop completely disregarding all title suggestions so then your suggestions count. Suggest away

From 170 onwards. Everyone will vote on suggestions they like and will come to agreement on one democratically

On page 195 you’ll all reach a decision on what suggestion you all liked best and that’s the new thread title.

If you still have not decided, I’ll arbitrarily pick the next title myself from the list of suggestions at my own discretion whether you like it or not

Verbose said:

I’m going to talk with the other mods to see if we just need to handle that ourselves.

Mods confirmed for rigging the Thread Title Games.

…mostly, just to spite you specifically though, xTSGx.

Verbose confirmed for still being upset and/or embittered over the Ponies for Prosperity SuperPAC.

Blue Screen said:

I’m not changing policies.

Wait, my detailed stalking notes indicate I thought you were doing the “Thread Title Games,” where each of the titles battles to the death in a Hunger Games/Battle Royale-style system?

From 170 onwards. Everyone will vote on suggestions they like and will come to agreement on one democratically

This is going to end badly. Will you employ the Patented Verbose-Style Parliamentary Election System with its complicated spreadsheets, “put them in order,” and Image Gallery proxy voters or will you use a standard “first past the post” electoral system with runoff? You could always take my suggestion from way back when and set up an Electoral College, assigning the Image Gallery, Forum, and user pages a preset number of votes that the users select.

If you still have not decided, I’ll arbitrarily pick the next title myself from the list of suggestions at my own discretion whether you like it or not

Military junta confirmed (again). Tanks are thirty minutes away.

Your daily reminder that we never did get a reason for why the previous military junta chose “Live Free or Twi Hard” over “Twilight Sparkle and the Deathly Hasbro.”

Last edited Mar 01, 2014 at 06:28AM EST

@Fighting Is Magic: Sweet! I think I saw the beginnings of this on Derpibooru and was fully expecting this, so it’s good to see.
I don’t think it’ll get C&D’d again, some have suggested that the original version only did because it got so much exposure (i.e. EVO), even if this one gets on big sites it won’t be more than “big fan project”, unlike the unusual exposure of the original. Besides, since this is actually COMPLETE there’s a lot less they can do about it, others have said that the original wouldn’t have even had problems if they went open-source from the start since other people could continue it, almost like a fan-game hydra.
Does it have single player? If so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

@Lunar on Pony crossovers and ponification: Actually, that’s not horribly unusual. I’m a fan of Jagged Alliance, a cult Turn-based strategy game series (though fans generally only give a toss about Jagged Alliance 2) with NO apparent MLP crossovers! I know because I searched repeatedly on Derpibooru and found nothing (I actually added the tag to my watch list in case it ever happens), and searching FIMFiction only got me a journal where someone positively mentioned Back In Action, and a forum post that complained about Tyrant Celestia with a comparison to JA2’s big bad.
I’d do something about this, but I can’t draw, I might write a crossover or something in the future but can’t right now.

I… Appear to have had connection issues during the episode… I missed several crucial minutes… When I came back, stuff happened and I had no idea what was going on.

However… The ironic thing is that I suddenly wonder how screwed up things will get when one tries to apply pokemon logic to the fact we now have a bunch of dark ponies (bat ponies) and a bunch of fairy ponies (breezies)… And “Fairy beats Dark”

Imagine a breezie beating up a bat pony who would probably consider breezies close in appearance to one potential source of food for them.

Yeah… My mind is a weird place right now.

>Dat feel when you could have livestreamed the new episode, but you didn’t because you missed it by 5 minutes.

>pic not related.

@Hooves in glasses: Well of course. What else would you expect. lol.

Last edited Mar 01, 2014 at 11:25AM EST

Well, time to be Fifths here. I didn’t like this episode. There were a few moments that I liked but all in all I just felt really bored while watching this. The what sounded like Bad Swedish accents was kind of cute for a while until it just got on my nerves. Fluttershy teaching the Mane6 how to cheer for the Breezies was kind of cute, but I can already see them folks on /mlp/ screaming PANDERING! Then caressing their pictures of Lauren Faust saying “They raped your vision again lord Faust!”

Some things I noticed in the episode:

-When Fluttershy is looking where Seabreeze is, she briefly and very nonchalantly looks at her hoof, like “oh, did I step on another one?”
-Dash wants to be a griffon. Still having trouble getting over Gilda.
-Not only did Hooves have 3D glasses, but he was with Rose.
-The whole plot reminded me a lot of that old series Toad Patrol

@Fighting is Magic
After downloading the game and playing it for a few minutes, I can conclude that I suck at fighting games. Especially ones I’ve never played before. It’s so frustrating I can’t even win one round against the computer.

I thought it was cute. Wasn’t great, but I didn’t think it was bad or boring or anything. It might’ve been slow at some parts, but I didn’t feel like my time was being wasted. I like it.

Also I found Derpy

Happy Derpy Derp Everyone!

Am I the only one who didn’t think this episode was all that boring. I was pretty interested in the concept of the Breezies. Neither have I found them all that annoying. I don’t know. I just found this episode pretty good.

Last edited Mar 01, 2014 at 08:18PM EST

Another episode teaching Fluttershy not to be a doormat? Good. She obviously wasn’t learning from her last lessons on that. Seabreeze also needs to learn how to use a whip

I want to believe that Dash’s last line in the episode was a very subtle Gildadash shipping reference. Because if it is, this episode is awesome just for that.

I also liked the Breezies cute little accents and Raritys dialogue made me laugh

Overall, wasn’t much to this episode. Not as sophisticated as others. But so much more cuteness.

I’m just glad they didn’t draw the Breezies as little baby-like things like their old incarnation was. They’re more like smurfs.

Didn’t like it that much. It was simply very boring. Plot was predictable and the humor and character interaction that usually makes up for a lackluster story simply wasn’t there. The breezies looked ugly. Don’t tell me they’re cute, show me. I spent half the episode not caring and just wanting to know more about the ad hoc portal.

It’s good that, for once, Twilight’s magic didn’t make things worse, although I found the “turn the Mane Six into breezies” to be very cringe-inducing. C’mon, guys. If you gotta do Hasbro mandated merch stuff, at least make it fit better. It almost seems like they went “fuck it” and just wrote the most obvious tie in possible. It’s also worth noting that Twilight apparently has gotten a power boost from her alicornification, as she had great difficulty giving Rarity wings back in S1 , and can now alter the species of six ponies without so much as breathing heavily.


Kewln00bs name isn’t special said:

Well, time to be Fifths here.

I think, for once, we’re all going to be Fifths.

unzips pants Let’s get started.

Last edited Mar 01, 2014 at 09:13PM EST

Well this makes the first episode of the season I simply didn’t like at all. Yet another Fluttershy episode where she has to learn to grow a backbone, the jokes and dialogue were weak, the marketing of Breezie Mane 6 was so painfully blatant (how does adding 6 more to the pack make the whole group suddenly able to fly properly?), and half the episode was spent just showing that every Breezie but Seabreeze is a short-sighted mooch. They tried to make Seabreeze seem like a temperamental jerk at first, but that fell flat in minutes when the whole rest of his group was perfectly willing to throw away their homes and family just to be lazy.
Good thing this is filly page cuz I needed something actually cute after the disappointment of lanky butterfly ponies.

Kewln00bs name isn’t special said:

After all, this is the KYM Pony General: We Love Circle Jerks!

KYM Pony General VIII: The Circlejerk of Life

(I’m totally submitting this in two pages as my thread title candidate.)

Last edited Mar 02, 2014 at 06:05AM EST

The Doctor and Rose have been in the background at least 3 times this season, Flight to the Finish, Pinkie Pride, It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies. Some point during season 3 and season 4, they became good friends. – A side note, I think I enjoyed Seabreeze’s Scottish accent a little too much during this episode.

Fifths wrote:

I think, for once, we’re all going to be Fifths.

unzips pants Let’s get started.

You get back here, Fifthsy.

On a completely unrelated note, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And seeing as we’re kind of talking about Whooves…

Happy Birthday, Jimmy.

This episode was just ok to me. Kinda disappointing considering this is Fluttershy’s “key” episode and it wasn’t nearly as good as the other 3 key episodes. This episode wasn’t even really about Fluttershy’s kindness until the last third of it. I actually kinda expected this episode to play out like the subplot in the pirate story arc of the comic where Fluttershy couldn’t bring herself to release a fish back into the ocean after taking care of it even though the fish wanted to go home. I gotta say, I would have wanted that much more than having a group of breezies be lazy assholes and endanger their ability to go home (where they had children waiting, mind you) and coerce Fluttershy into keeping them longer. This episode would have been more about Fluttershy’s kindness if it were about her coddling the breezies and going to extreme lengths to keep them safe only to learn that she is hurting them more than helping. Instead we get her being doormatted again for 20 minutes. Oh well, the breezies had cute designs and there were plenty of other cute moments to keep me interested for the most part


It was meh for me. It entertained to the least and I quite enjoyed the Breezies funny dialogue and accents.
Disregarding that, the episode didn’t leave any clear message to me. Sea Breeze (or what ever “his” name is) is supposed to be rude for being homesick and having to deal with the rest of his groups crap? Well, who wouldn’t be homesick and especially when the portal for world will close briefly? Then, after Fluttershy goes after Sea Breeze she saves him from the bees (Nic Cage reference anybody?) but she needed to yell and be firm to get the message across since the bees are stubborn just like See Breeze’s group.
You know, it just confused myself with this…
6/10 Would watch again to confuse myself further.

Last edited Mar 02, 2014 at 02:19PM EST

It was alright IMO, though among the weaker ones of this season. Fluttershy’s yay in the beginning seemed rather forced, and as is already said, the plot was predictable. Furthermore, the breezies in Fluttershy’s house part got stretched a bit too much, it became a bit boring eventually.
But other than those things, it was alright

What’s that Angel? I’m late? For wha-OH MY GOSH! Happy late Birthday @Jimmy!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as well BSoD!

We’re gunna need TWO party cannons up in this bitch colt! Hit it guys!

I don’t think that’s going to be enough. Maybe we should bring in this bad boy for back-up.

Last edited Mar 03, 2014 at 01:57AM EST

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