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CISPA was passed in the House despite warnings from the PRESIDENT

Last posted Apr 25, 2013 at 10:02PM EDT. Added Apr 20, 2013 at 02:37AM EDT
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They just undermined the millions, if not billions, of users on the internet, without consent neither opinion.
Anonymous doesn’t seem very happy right now.

The House also compared the recent Boston bombings to incoming “digital bombs”, as well as 9/11.

Is the internet in a state of fuckedness or is the House just stupid?


They’ve just passed the bill. It’s still too early to tell if the bill has ANY effect at all. I bet this bill will be forgotten in the end and no f**ks will be given.

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Well, only the House has voted on it so far. It still has to get to the Senate and if they pass it, that article that you linked in the first post says that Obama’s senior adviser is suggesting to him that he veto the bill if it ever gets to his desk.

Granted, Obama also claimed that he wouldn’t sign the NDAA but he did anyway so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

“Is the internet in a state of fuckedness or is the House just stupid?”

Both. The internet as a whole dropped the ball on CISPA; not a lot of people have heard of it.
As for the situation in the House, there seemed to be both assholes and uninformed people. It’s true that the US needs a good cybersecurity one, we just don’t need this one. (There’s a perfectly good one lying somewhere around that I heard about)

When I checked the votes for CISPA, half the Democrats voted yes, including a lot that condemned SOPA. Those Dems probably would have voted no had there have been more of a ruckus.

What’s important is the Senate vote, and what leads up to the vote. If we get enough petitions, and enough companies rally against this, and Sens. Wyden and Sanders stall the bill hard enough, we should get support below 67, or better yet, 60, or the golden trophy, 50.

Start calling your Senators, and ask Wyden and Sanders to do a filibuster.

My mental capacity is not large enough to comprehend the impact this will have on my life, but my gut feeling tells me it won’t be pleasant
I really hope this blows over, I’m stressed enough as it is

< /lurk >

The Overlurk awakens to offer his wisdom!

This CISPA conflict is important to everyone here. As this very site we convene at is based out of the United States, it, and all who are user to it, are bound by the consequences of US law. If you live outside the US, raise as good a stink about it as you can manage. For those inside the US, here is what you should do, and here is a comment thread explaining why this is an effective tactic.

May our cause wield memetic spread!

< lurk >

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