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"Twilight", tries to be "Romeo and Juliet"- but dosent get the point.

Last posted Apr 23, 2013 at 04:41PM EDT. Added Apr 22, 2013 at 05:26PM EDT
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Just thinking about Twilight recently-trying to put into words how absolutely awful it is, to no avail- when I was struck by sort of a revelation. As Twilight has shown us over and over again, it wants to be “Romeo and Juliet”- to the point of direct comparison; having read “Romeo and Juliet” about 3 months ago (in english class), something dawned on me.

Twilight was “Romeo and Juliet”, everything was the same, the relationships in both books were identical.

But the message and tone is where the difference is made. As “Romeo and Juliet” was in fact a cautionary tale; essentially telling the story of two teens who end up killing each other and destroying the lives of all around them, due to the nature of their relationship, which was biased mostly on lust,immaturity, and impulse, with no actual chemistry or reason. “Romeo and Juliet” was what NOT to do in a relationship; yet it seems to have the most misaimed fandom in the world

And that’s exactly what Twilight feels like; a poorly written fanfic that completely misses the point of the original work, and takes itself seriously- when it shouldn’t.

Anyone agree?

Rimshot wrote:

Twilights gay nuff said

It’s actually heterosexual, but from a female perspective, adding luddity to the perspective
of a male.
Also Twilight isn’t even a thing anymore can you not.

I’m completely indifferent towards Twilight. Same thing with Justin Bieber. I laugh every time the internet is whipped into a seething rage over the two, because of how thoroughly Rule 19 is ignored.

In a sense, you could say everything’s a fanfiction now-in-days. Considering how many works are “inspired” or “pay homage” to something else or how ideas are taken and expanded, there’s very little that could be considered 100% original.

Meyer has actually stated that each one of the books in the Twilight series is loosely based off of classic romance stories such as Pride And Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, etc. so i’m really not at all surprised that you found similarities between Romeo And Juliet and Twilight. they’ve been there since the beginning. and in all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with that. i’m sure that Meyers never intended for the stories to be completely based off of the inspirational material, but whatever.

in all honesty, the thing that makes Twilight terrible is how toxic the relationship between Edward and Bella, and even Jacob. Meyer packages what is essentially an abusive relationship and romanticizes it, making stuff that is definitely not okay seem part of a dream relationship. this is very alarming since Meyer’s young audience is so vulnerable to begin with

oh and the whole “sparkly vampires” thing isn’t really too upsetting in my opinion. Edward has more in common with the original literary vampire, Lord Ruthven, than Dracula does.

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The less is said about Twilight, the better.


That was an actual scene from Breaking Dawn Pt. 2. I couldn’t find the gifset, so that will have to suffice.

I rest my case.

Fridge wrote:

The less is said about Twilight, the better.


That was an actual scene from Breaking Dawn Pt. 2. I couldn’t find the gifset, so that will have to suffice.

I rest my case.

Found the set.

I have… sources.

Robert Pattinson is a great person however. His replies in interviews after Twilight was done are some of the best I ever saw, considering how he’s one of the main cast who actually hates the series more than most of the hatetrain jumpers.


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