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I'm gonna write a short story about kym.

Last posted Jan 18, 2010 at 10:03PM EST. Added Oct 19, 2009 at 12:10PM EDT
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Oh, is that true? Thanks a bunch Blubber. Now I can finish up chapter 12 of my upcoming book entitled, “Biography of the Secret Life of Infamous Ninja-turned-Pirate-turned-Dancer-turned-Millionaire, Captain Jimmy ‘Blubber’ Wilkinson”. But don’t even think of asking for a copy of this book because there will be none. The one and only copy will be mine to keep and read and vandalize forthwith after being finished.

@ Taryn

Of course I have stuff to do (though not today, so I’m just chillin’ on my computer and playing random things on my PS3). Why do you think I’m often not on this computer for half of the day on most days? Don’t know ’bout the others though.



I had/have a similar idea, but it was/is more about the internet in general, including things that are influencial and popular, such as certain web personalities and services, like facebook, twitter, and other things like firewalls, and maybe a joke or two about China internet. Esentially, the internet would be a parallel of our world; there’d be a citizen that represented each person in our life that used the internet.

Specifically for memes, they’d be interperentations of real-life aspects; forced memes would be animal pests (cockroaches and rats), the Awesome Smiley would be the sun, and there’d be a law where depending on the crime, a convicted woman could be pardoned if she showed the court room her tits. That “stop calling me a homo” kid would be a king of some monarchy, and a number of memes revolving around spoke statements would be advertizements, like “i herd u liek mudkipz” and “do it, faggot”.

But by all means, a KYM specific story is very cool too.

ALSO, pardon me if I sound like a jack ass, stealing other people’s ideas, ‘cuz I don’t mean to be. Besides, I don’t own “rights” to memes anyway.

As long as this doesn’t turn into ‘Internet People’ I won’t rage.

Love Dan Meth. Hate the Internet People song.

Oh yeah, Blubber + Jamiedubs slash fic would also scare the crap out of me. Just saying.

Actually, I wrote this Jamie/me slashfic last night I will show it to you guys right now.


It is a cold night in NYC and Jamie Elvis Dubs III (his full name) has accidently walked down the wrong alley into a dead end.

Someone approaches behind him. He is pretty tall and in a deep voice he says “It’s me.” Jamie turns around, quite frightened “W-who are y-you?” he stammers. “It’s me, the guy who goes by Captain Blubber on your website.” the mysterious stranger replies. “Oh, that’s cool,” Jamie says, relieved “what’s your real name?”. The mysterious stranger looks around and whispers “Star Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James”. Then the stranger walks into the light to reveal the 2009 NBA Most Valuable Player.

“Well now I know. See ya later LeBron.” Then they shake hands and go their seperate ways.

By the way, NSFW means not safe for wizards right? Because I put an anti-wizard hex on my story.

Part two; Chapter Two
I could have ran, and pretended it never happened, that I saw nothing.
I could have walked back home to deadpool, and continued my life there.
I could have just watched Redspear shoot King Dubs.
But I didn’t.
I had come this far, too far to go back to being an officer for Camoawam…
I rushed up the stairs, and ran to the balcony.
A man in a green fedora with a golden guitar pushed me away.
“King Dubs doesn’t want to be interrupted.”
I had no choice but to return to my seat and watch, as Redspear grinned, and waited for King Dubs to turn around.
Then I noticed the bouncer with the goatee, sprint towards Redspear.
With an evil grin, I saw his mouth word out the phrase I knew he was going to say; I could have almost heard it.
“It is TOO a meme.”
An ear shattering bang echoed through the stadium, and as I looked in horror, I saw the man slumped down, and slowly a pool of blood surrounded him.
I noticed King Dubs was no longer there, he was wise for fleeing from a madman with a gun.
As the crowed ran around wildly, screaming and trying to get out, all I could notice was the blood splattered grin on Redspear’s face.
And then I gasped in horror.
That blood splattered face…

Looked back.

Part three; Chapter two

For a few more seconds, we simply stared at each other, waiting for the other to do something.
Too tired to run, and too underpowered to fight, I look around for Blubber and his Banhammer, but to no avail.
By now, the stadium was completely empty, just me and Redspear.
He leaped down, landing on his feet and making a small crater in the cement.
As he slowly walked towards me, I slowly walked back.
“So you left Camoawam, eh?”
I was scared to the point that I was gasping for air.
“No, I…Uh-Well, you see-the thing is…”
I could barely make a sentence much less defend myself.
He laughed and snapped his fingers.
A dreadful silence filled the air.
And then…
I heard powerful rumbling, from all around me.
It seemed to be coming from everywhere.
All of a sudden, it stopped.
And then, the most shocking thing I have ever seen happened.
The ground erupted, and a lava covered figure came out.
Redspear giggled, like some sort of maniacal toddler.
“Kill him.”
My jaw dropped as the lava dripped off-Redspear had impressive bodyguards.
The figure was a girl, covered in leather and spikes, with all sorts of chains and metal on her outfit. She held an axe about as big as me, which dripped some sort of black ooze.
“Seeing as you left, I replaced you…Twice.”
I raised my brow; I had only seen one person.
Then, I felt a stabbing pain in my gut.
I looked down, and there sticking out of my chest was a pulsating rainbow knife.
The wielder put their head on my shoulder and laughed.
“Suits you.”
It was another girl, with a ponytail and glasses, in those dreaded rainbow striped robes.
The knife began to heat, and shocked me like some sort of taser from hell.
On my knees, the first person came up to me, axe on her shoulder and about to swing
“Nighty Night.”
She swung it faster then the human eye.
That was the day I died.


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