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Did Muhammad suffer from a death erection?

Last posted Jun 13, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT. Added Jun 13, 2013 at 01:54AM EDT
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Did Muhammad suffer from a death erection?

Abu al-Fida (1273 – 1331 AD) was a Muslim geographer and historian. He relates that Muhammad suffered from a death erection. From Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”:

Sibi robur ad generationem, quantum triginta viri habent, inesse jactaret; ita ut unicâ horâ posset undecim feminis satisfacere, ut ex Arabum libris refert Stus Petrus Paschasius, c. 2 (Maracci, Prodromus Alcoran, p. iv. p. 55. See likewise Observations de Belon, l. iii. c. 10, fol. 179, recto). Al Jannabi (Gagmer, tom. iii. p. 487) records his own testimony that he surpassed all men in conjugal vigour; and Abulfeda mentions the exclamation of Ali, who washed his body after his death, “O propheta, certe penis tuus cælum versus erectus est” (in Vit. Mohammed. p. 140).

In English, Ali had exclaimed, “O prophet, thy penis is erect unto the sky!”

The source is here.

Is there any muslim members of KYM that can tell me more about the death of Muhammad? I am not an expert on this issue.

I have heard of things like that happening. Not people dying from erections (not possible) but getting erections at death. Something to do with how the blood pressure shifts during death or something like that.

However, this is a stupid topic and pretty blatant jimmy rustling.

wn12345, I know you hate Islamic terrorists but there’s a point where you’re not being anti-jihad, but just a flat-out dick to Religious people. This is that point


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