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KYM Anime general

Last posted Aug 21, 2013 at 10:05AM EDT. Added Jun 17, 2013 at 08:47PM EDT
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I watch a lot of anime, I can list them off but I am too much of a lazy fucker in order to do such a task. However lately I just finished watching Mirai Nikki, to be honest, and oddly enough I do like Yuno. Something about her entertains me, her level of bloodlust is… interesting IMO to say the least.
Recently before and during me watching Mirai Nikki, I decided to rewatch Evangelion neon genesis. To this day that ending was still 2deep4me.
Now I am trying to rewatch Cowboy Bebop because I only seen some fragments of the show and its been so long, like I was still a kid when it was on.

@The Definition of Anime
I really don’t focus on the definition much then it meaning animation to me or it being a slang for Japanese animation that is, I really don’t know what it should be, my brain is kind of doesn’t care much what is and what isn’t. Hell I wouldn’t give a damn if the Boondocks was considered to be one.
I don’t know if I could consider myself a Otaku (however besides the japanese factor, I do fit the google definition of one)
But if you replace “computer technology” with “Anime” in the definition then I am not a Otaku because I don’t feel that anime had that effect on me for the most part.

I’m pretty strict on that. Anime refers to animation from japan. Shows like Boondocks, The last Airbender, Korra, and RWBY are anime inspired, but still western animation. As for the hypothetical scenario he gave, I’d say since it was made by an originally Japanese company, I’d still call it anime.

CrouchingSloth wrote:

So here’s a list of anime coming out this Fall
Anything you guys are interested in? Personally I’m looking forward to KILL La KILL and Pupa.

Kill La Kill sounds like it might be cool and look cool only because Gurren Lagann’s writer is writing the script.
The one with the really long title about the guy who answers multiple choice problems in his head sounds like it might be funny.
But what I really want to see is that Persona 3 movie. That looks like it’s going to be awesome!

Dac wrote:

Besides KILL La KILL, nothing else at the moment, but if I hear good things about a new show, i’ll check it out.

Shit I’m dumb, haha. I posted the Blazeblue anime and then forgot to mention it. I’m also gonna watch infinite stratos 2


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