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What type of computer do you have?

Last posted Nov 01, 2009 at 01:06AM EST. Added Oct 29, 2009 at 07:07PM EDT
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A freakin’ Dell. It has 512 MB of RAM with Windows XP Home Edition.
These days, if you want your computer to run well, you have Windows 7 or Windows 98 Second Edition. Or you have a Mac.
Problem is, Macs don’t play Touhou.

To expand this thread, what Internet browser do you all use? I use Google Chrome.

I have an acer computer and an hp special edition laptop.

Actually, sometimes, I go to Mars so I can use one of their super-computers which allows me to alter molecules. It’s pretty fun to use it, really. I once turned a dog into a cat and it ran head-on into a mirror when I was done.

Same here, Blah. ‘Cept I watch documentaries while playing a NDS emulator.
@Real Genius: I use Chrome, mainly. Firefox 3.5.6, Safari 4, and occasionally Firefox 2.2 (built-in IRC and runs stably with Tor, Privoxy, and Proximizer on).
I’ve noticed that Firefox 3.5 crashes a lot, though.

Internet Explorer is where it’s at.

No offense to all you firefoxes, but when I use firefox, it does everything I don’t want it to.

I’d like to see someone play Battletoads, every Ninja Gaiden game, Castlevania 1 and 3, Silver Surfer, all the Touhou games, Ikaruga, the Ghouls N’ Ghosts series, Dragon’s Lair(NES version) Ikaruga, Mushime-same Futari, Super 3d Noah’s Ark, and 30 copies of Time Girl for Sega CD all at the same time.

Well, then I guess it’s a vagina. But it wouldn’t matter, ’cuz Mother is pretty much the greatest series of games ever. And number 3? Yeah, when the english patch finished, I played the game all day every day. Best GBA game ever.

however, i agree with everything except the fetus thing. The creator of the game stumbled into an adult movie when he was 7 i believe. He saw a scene where a woman was raped and his twisted traumatizing experience created giygas. giygas is a shreiking figure (the victim) and his diolouge is conflicting.


Yes, exept it turns out the movie Itoi claims to have seen has no such rape scene whatsoever, which is wierd, and I don’t completely understand.

1. srry for 2-post

2. do you all appreciate this small, tight forum community we have here as much as I do? We all know eachother, or something. At least by user name and web personality.

It seems we escaped Uncyclopedia’s and /b/‘s fate.
The noobs don’t “contribute” often anymore.
Most of the contributions are made by the top 25 users. I’d say about 99%, actually.


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