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Mohammed Morsi Thrown Out of Power

Last posted Jul 11, 2013 at 05:31AM EDT. Added Jul 03, 2013 at 04:34PM EDT
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So, a military coup in Egypt has overthrown President Mohammad Morsy despite Morsy being in power for only a year. Morsy was the first president to be elected by the people of Egypt. Another election will take place soon.

Calkarot wrote:

So… what exactly did he do wrong that the people hated him enough to want him out?

He was pushing the Brotherhood’s Arabization and Islamization policies in a country that has been under European influence and/or direct control for most of the past 200 years and has had a taste of liberal values. Apparently there are enough people in Cairo who like to drink alcohol that they could organize a mass rally to give the appearance of public support for a coup. Also, the chaos of the Arab Spring crashed Egypt’s economy so people are angry about the price of basic necessities. The generals probably have Turkey on their mind; Turkey’s generals decided to wait and see how bad things could possibly get and now they’re all in jail and replaced by Brotherhood loyalists.

I am not aware of any one event that triggered the coup. Wikipedia says the generals made their decision when Morsi and Qaradawi held a rally to call for war against Syria, and some of the speakers denounced Morsi’s domestic political opponents as kuffar.

It’s interesting to see that the Saudis are supportive of the coup. One would expect them to continue supporting the Brotherhood, so this makes me wonder if there is a split within the Brotherhood over Morsi’s rule or if the Saudis had another reason for wanting to be rid of him.

Sir Crona Crescent Duke of Landwales wrote:

I don’t like a Muslim-only party being in power in any country, much less one as major as Egypt, but I can’t say that military rule is much better.

I don’t think an anything-only party being in power is good in any country.

Sorry WarriorTang. But that is incorrect. Egypt is incredibly Arabized and Islamized and it has nothing to do with Europeanization.

For example, a Pew Global Poll found that 58% of Egyptians think the country should STRICTLY follow the Quran in regards to law, 28% think the laws should SOMEWHAT be based on Islam and only 11% think Islam should have NO role in laws (3% were undecided).

27% of Egyptians think religious leaders should have a LARGE influence on political matters. 42% think religious leaders should have SOME influence and 21% should have NOT MUCH influence. Only 8% think religious leaders should have NO INFLUENCE whatsoever.

As for Arabization, I don’t have statistics but as an Arab, I can tell you personally that Egypt is the center of the Arab world. It’s the birthplace of Pan-Arabism. Nearly 1 in 3 Arabs is in Egyptian. When Egypt moves, the Arab world shakes.

As for the protests, It’s a hodgepodge of reasons why people are protesting. I can’t find the source but the #1 reason seems to be mainly economic: The economy hasn’t improved in a year and basic necessities are becoming very expensive.

But is the anti-Morsi sentiment the majority?

Well….in a May 2013 (That’s about two months before Morsi was deposed), Morsi held a 53% approval rating (in comparison, Obama’s approval rating is 45%), his Freedom and Justice Party has a 52% approval rating, the Muslim Brotherhood has 63% approval and the controversial constitution is has 49% approval versus 46% disapproval.

So…..the country is quite polarised but is Morsi completely unpopular? Probably not but in a revolutionary country, even the smallest dispute can erupt into a confrontation.

As for Saudi Arabia not supporting the brotherhood? I’ll answer that later.

Oh and the sources for my numbers:

Last edited Jul 05, 2013 at 02:40PM EDT

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

The massive riots going on in Egypt this year may have something to do with it

I thought that would be a symptom of him being hated, not causation. But I have no idea. I find it humorous that the media hadn’t talked about it until the coup actually began.


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