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KYM Music General

Last posted Jul 22, 2013 at 12:26AM EDT. Added Jul 11, 2013 at 03:03PM EDT
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Hey it’s the music thread again.

We used to have one of these each month. People usually just post what they like and rarely discuss anything. Then the thread dies in a week and is remade next month. But it’s been a while since the last one. I’d like to see these threads last a bit longer.


1. Lots of embeds slow the page. Links are better.
2. Show interest in what other people like too. It keeps the thread alive.
3. As well as posting music; discuss it too. Concerts, new album releases, sound systems, mp3 players etc. That’s how we managed to make EDM General last longer than any other music thread


Do we have any bass addicts here? Or am I the only one?

If you have sick disgusting filth like this, hit me up.

Indeed. That’s good for starters, it gets delicious around 2:31. I used to listen to a lot of Metallica a long time ago. King Nothing was always my favorite song from them and there was some fair bass guitar handywork in that. They kinda dropped off my radar around Death Magnetic though, since that album seemed to go lighter on the bass.

I don’t know too many bands that use the bass guitar heavily aside from Rammstien. I’m curious to know others just to give metal another chance

In the meantime, I thirst for more. Much, much more.

Jimmy The Swood Guy wrote:

Dirty Window by Metallica

I don’t really care if you like St. Anger or not, this song is just too good to pass up. I think the steely snare really fits the idea, and the song is an overall fun pace.



@Jimmy Lethal
Abusemant Park was cool. Sounds like something I’d listen to while cycling to school or from work.

I’m not sure what kind of genre this is (is it something hardcore / grind?) but it’s pretty good.

DragonForce, nice choice. My personal favourite of them would be Where Dragons Rule.

Some Children of Bodom
Classic punkrock
Dat double bass drumming
Organized chaos

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Metropolis Street Racer – Outside-In

I have a feeling that future generations may not be able to listen to this amazing soundtrack someday… Or that they may not even care enough to do so.
It’s composed by the same guy as Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast’s Saturn Version, Richard Jacques. This one song is lyric-less, in case you didn’t like that about Sonic R’s soundtrack.
This soundtrack has been very defining for me in my teen years. I hope it can be defining of someone else’s someday too.

Dr. Coolface
That Sabbath cover indeed is great!

Rammstein’s pretty cool, haven’t listened a lot to them though.

Some stuff I listened to for years, before metal. Here we call it Hardcore (or hardcore house), I don’t know if it’s called like that in other places. This guy was my favourite dj back then, as he made more melodic music.

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Angerfist reminds me of the same stuff one of my friends listens to. He blasts it all the time and turns his room into a rave party. I joined his dance sessions and it was fun as hell

He called it “Industrial” at the time and I would have described Angerfist as Industrial music as well but since he’s a fan of Hardcore Trance, he probably used Hardcore House too

I love it by the way. Does Angerfist still produce stuff?


We seem to have a lot of Rammstien listeners here.

We simply cannot discuss Rammstien without Du Hast being posted at least once.

This video is a mandatory requirement in all Rammstien discussions.

@Live concerts

Here’s another topic: What live concerts have you been to?

Artists I’ve seen live:

Rammstien. First live concert experience. This was how I really fell in love with them. There were other bands playing including Tool and Deftones but Rammstien stole the freaking show!

System Of A Down. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t listen to System before this but after the concert I was a System fan.

Disturbed. I got to visit the band backstage on this one. Still have the photo of me next to them.

Trei. First time I went to a D&B performance in front of a live DJ. So much damn fun. I waited a long time to go to a concert for my favorite music genre of all time so it was rewarding experience.

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@Live Concerts:

System Of A Down – I was right up front and got to fist-bump Serj. Oh, and when they played Sugar, the crown went fucking insane.

Metallica – Holy fucking shit, was this crazy. Metallica was my GOAT band at that point, and seeing them live was my greatest memory.

Rush – They had a really awesome light setup, and seeing Neil Peart’s drum kit in person was awe-inspiring.

Slipknot – I have no words for it. Seeing Slipknot was one of the most insane experiences I’ve ever had. If you haven’t seen Slipknot live, you just don’t know.

Blue Screen’s Theme – One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

My theme?

Actually that would be System Error by Hedj and Neonlight

I <3 neurofunk, you see.

>Royal Rumble
>Everybody in ring fighting
>Countdown to next entrant hits 0
>Lights turn a deep blue
>This song plays
>Crowd goes fucking nuts
>Blue comes out and eliminates three guys straight
>Blue wins Royal Rumble
>Feels good man

If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go squash midcarders with Blue Screen on WWE ’13 now.

@Live Concerts
Oh wow, I’ve been to loads of concerts. Mostly locals but some of the bigger ones were:

Rotting Out: These guys are one of my favorite hardcore punk bands going currently and the show that I saw them at was so much fun. Despite slipping and falling on the floor on someone’s discarded shirt and getting rocked in the ribs twice within a half minute while in the pit, the show was mostly memorable for being just a good time for all.

A Wilhelm Scream: These guys are a band that defies genre. The best way to describe their sound is melodic hardcore punk played with metal proficiency. Even that doesn’t really describe them that well. They put on an amazing show and I have friends that cross state lines and follow them around just to see them. They are just that good.

Negative Approach: Negative Approach is a band that I was really lucky to see because they’re legends in the punk scene. They were pretty pissed off when they originally played in the early 80s but that night the singer was just utterly enraged. It was one of those “I’ve been in a drug-induced haze for several decades, now I’m not and I’m having difficulty coping” kinds of rage. And it was amazing.

As far as I know, Angerfist still makes music. This being the most recent on his channel
It sounds different than the songs I posted here though, less melodic. He’s been through some musical changes, I myself prefer his older style.

@Live performances
The only live performance I’ve been too, was by Gerard Joling (Dutch folk singer), we won tickets.
A band I really like’d to see live is Dillinger Escape Plan. From what I’ve seen, most of the time they go insane, as does the crowd.
An older performance by them

@Blue Screen
I like sick, disgusting filth, but it’s not the same as the one that you are talking about.

One of my favorite composers is Maurice Ravel (1875-1937). He was a French, impressionistic composer that, in my opinion, wrote some of the most unique music. Below, I posted his composition, “Miroirs” (Reflections), which is a set of 5 pieces for the piano. The first piece, “Noctuelles” (Night Moths) is possible the most experimental of the pieces and is really chromatic. The second piece, “Oiseaux Tristes” (Sad Birds), is a very depressing piece that is slow throughout most of it. The third, “Une Barque sur l’Océan” (A Boat on the Ocean) is the most popular of the set. The fourth, “Alborada del Gracioso” (The Gracioso’s Aubade) is the hardest and most upbeat piece that is filled with Spanish melodies. The fifth, and last, is “La Vallée des Cloches” (The Valley of the Bells), is the slowest and least popular, but it’s one of my favorites.

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Negative Creep was pretty cool
Sorry for Vevo. But those money lusty guys take over just about anything. They even got a channel for the Sex Pistols, who released one full album, over 35 years ago.
>Says song by Nirvana that everyone knows
>Posts Nirvana
>Not glorious collaboration between Nirvana and Rick Astley

Moar stuff
Atreyu Band that got me into metal that features screamed and growled vocals. Often screamed verses with sung choruses. Their more recent stuff has more clean singing.
Theocracy Power metal with Christian themes. This song has amazing lyrics, but is rather lengthy (not a problem for me). This one has calmer parts, along with some faster, and even some blast beats. My favourite song of all time.
We Butter The Bread With Butter German band that mixes deathcore vocals, drumming and guitars with elements of electronica and some chiptunes (I’m not sure about the last part). Their music is pretty good, but they could do with less ‘bree bree’ screams

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I like sick, disgusting filth, but it’s not the same as the one that you are talking about.

Yea…that’s some pretty sick stuff alright….literally….sick.

I don’t do literally filthy music, unfortunately. Just the figuratively filthy stuff.

It’s difficult to put yourself into a music-induced euphoric trance when some guy keeps talking about bodily fluids. That’s…a little distracting

Hey on that note, does anybody remember the scientific term for music that, with concentrated listening, can trigger an influx of endophins? Sensory Audio Somethingorather, shit I can’t remember.

Which is stupid because I use music for that exact purpose all the time but I can’t recall the official term for what I’m doing

@Adam DeLand
That song was okay, not my favourite by Nirvana. Found it a tiny bit boring :/

BTBAM – Fossil Genera: A Feed from Cloud Mountain
Damn, I love BTBAM. Easily one of my favourite bands at the moment. If only they could come to the Netherlands, so I could see them live.

I couldn’t find the term related to music and the release of endorphins. The closest I could find was ’Runner’s High’, which has the same effect. I did find something that said that listening to music can give a feel of euphoria, the same with Runner’s High, but not the name associated with it.

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I’m moving this huge music conversation with Mike over to this thread.

Mike said:

Letting your imagination run with a song can be amazing, as with feels. Some songs can really change your mood, when you really immerse into them. I had that a couple of times with Converge’s Jane Doe, where I was nearly crying at the end of it.
As for browsing the web, I mostly listen to longer albums, such as stuff from Dream Theater or BTBAM. When I need to concentrate on stuff, such as when reading, or working on school stuff, I listen to electro and music like that.

Myself said:

…Ah so you look for that in music too? Do you find that only specific genre’s can give you that kind of sensation?
I only seem to be moved (emotionally) by 2 things: Trance and D&B. Only on very rare occasions will other genre’s influence me.
I notice that other people will be moved by different genre’s. So like someone else will hear my D&B and just hear noise when it’s making me well up inside. Meanwhile they play rock that brings them to tears and I get bored from hearing the same old instruments. What about you?

Mike said:

As for being moved emotionally, I only experienced that with rock / metal. IMO, you can really hear the emotion in the singers voice (even when they are sometimes barely followable, like with Converge). When the final four screams of Jane Doe kick in, I always get goosebumps, followed by the outro that almost brought me to tears. This seems to be one of the only songs I’ve heard yet that does that. There are others that give me feels, but not as much as Jane Doe.
House like music hasn’t moved me emotionally yet, but has brought me into that state of euphoria you mentioned on the music thread a couple of times.
When it comes to genres that move you, it’s to person itself, and what he/she’s into. I can understand you get moved emotionally by D&B, I just don’t experience the same with that genre.

Fascinating really. As the human brain is different per individual, so is it’s response to musical patterns. I wonder how much of it is tied to personality and attitude? Or maybe if it’s something that can be conditioned by upbringing?

I.E: I never listened to (commercial) music growing up. Literally the only music exposure I had as a kid was video game music which always used a lot of percussion and bass. Is it any coincidence then, that I developed a taste for really techno and otherworldly stuff?

…If this conversation gets any longer we will start talking about neuroscience

Anyway here’s an idea: link me a couple songs you like that really get to you on an emotional/euphoric level and lets see what it does to me.

This is of course in the name of science.

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I mostly listened radio music, and sometimes classic rock that my dad listened in the car. The first ‘different’ style I started to listen came to me via a friend, which was hardcore house.
Same with the metal I listen nowadays. Most of the bands I know right now were recommended by friends, with some that I found myself. My liking for metal may be a result of the rock I heard when I was younger, the music is just a bit more heavy than the classic rock.

For science, here are some songs that get me emotional, or euphoric:

Converge’s Jane Doe
This is the full version, if you want to skip to the second part (which has a bit more singing), here’s Jane Doe (part 2)
In part 1, the vocals are barely followable. But IMO, the singer still manages to get his ‘point’ across. Part 1, followed by the beginning of 2, feels like an eight minute build up for those last four screams. To me, it feels like Jacob releases all his anger and what else in those four yells, which gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to the full song.

Angerfist – Take U Back
A song that got me into an euphoric like mood a few times. The build up with the instruments that get added, a small stop, then the melody that starts, did that, followed by the drum track that joins the melody.

the Dillinger Escape Plan did the same a few times. Mainly with their Farewell, Mona Lisa
I don’t really know how they did it, but they had me grinning in a weird way a couple of times with this song. Sometimes, when feeling a bit meh, I listen to these guys, and in some way they get me a bit happier.

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Alright I’m listening to each of those now from start to end, for science. While I’m doing this I’m just concentrating on the sound with no distractions around me and trying to really feel it

Angerfist -Take U back is actually one I have heard before. It’s not so much euphoric to me as it is high energy and exciting (still works for me). If I heard this on the dance floor, I would have gone wild to it. I noticed that some parts were about to build up some atmosphere but the beat is too disruptive to allow that so it wasn’t able to trigger any deeper emotional responses. But that’s okay because it’s not supposed to. I could really feel the energy of that song and get into it

The others unfortunately had no influence on me. I have a theory why. Simply put: I just can’t get into screaming. I think theres so much expression of pain and anguish carried in the screaming that my conscience devalues the emotion carried in that screaming and so I just pick up noise. This is unfortunate because those songs rely on the vocals to carry emotion. The instrumenting is great. Ironically, the parts with no lyrics gave me more of a sensation

In further interest of science. I’m linking songs that also really hit me on a euphoric or emotional level. See if they can do anything at all to you. The goal of this experiment is just seeing what different things get to different people

lolo – Take my hand. The first time I heard this, it honestly this had me in tears due to the combination of euphorics and harmonics. It still brings about really pleasant and happy vibes in me

Chinensis – Our destiny. I know, I know more of the same D&B shit I post 10 millions times a day. But every time I hear this, my spirit just lifts. It sounds inspirational and deep. Also the bass on a decent pair of headphones is amazing

Awolnation – Kill your heroes Now heres the spanner in the works! Remember what I said about lyrics not affecting me? Well this song says “fuck that shit” and spears me right in the feels. Everything about this song gives me feels, including the lyrics and it’s the only one in it’s genre that does this to me. I don’t know why. You tell me.

This isn’t just between me and Mike you guys, I’m inviting this thread into this experiment too

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