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What websites have you paid to be a member of?

Last posted Jul 15, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT. Added Jul 14, 2013 at 01:30PM EDT
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I’ve bought a SomethingAwful account and I used to be a paid member of the old Encyclopedia Dramatica forums.

(and you could say i pay for my kym account because i gotta look at all your shitty posts lol)

Have you ever paid for membership online? Do you think you ever will? If KYM had an option to be a paid member would you buy it?

Other than the ten bucks we’re all sending RandomMan each month for all this? You guys are all sending RandomMan a monthly payment, right? It’s not just me?

I used to be a paid member of DelphiForums, partially because you had to be a paid member if you wanted to host a forum, and I hosted four of them. One of the few things that Delphi did right was that they allowed anyone to use the forums for free, but gave you special privileges (like using html in posts) if you paid extra. I think that’s a good business model. There’s rarely been anything I’ve seen online I felt like paying to use, though. Products? Sure. Websites? There’s usually a free alternative that’s just as good.

You know, I’d like to ask a related question.

A while back, I gave a link to the Humble Bundle. For those not familiar, it’s a website where you can buy independently-developed video games at the price of your choosing. You also can choose a portion of your payment to go to charity.

One of the few things I’ve paid for online was a comic that had a micropayment system attached to it. The artist asked people to read the comic and then pay what they felt like paying. It was a good comic, and I gave the artist a dollar.

I like the donation system. When I was in college, I used to host a party at my house every Friday evening. While I didn’t supply alcohol, I did supply coffee (with cream and sugar) and snacks, and had a tip jar. I usually came out even without ever asking anyone to donate. I think voluntary payment works.

How many of you have paid for something that was payment-optional? What do you think about such systems of payment?

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