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offended challenge

Last posted Dec 15, 2009 at 05:00PM EST. Added Nov 02, 2009 at 05:03PM EST
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I did it all
at about the 1/8 it didn’t offend me anymore i was just scrolling through it with no effect. Really makes you think about all the terrible thinks that man can do and all the sickos of this world.

same here i hate things like that. The pig head getting chopped off gif almost got me raging but other than that it was cake. i saw a movie where they shattered a guys foot with a hammer and i lost it but movies lkiker Saw and stuff are VERY easy for me to watch

I’m not going to try it. I can’t bear to watch stuff like this, its also one of the reasons i stay away from 4chan and i’ve never seen goatse or 3 guys 1 hammer and all those gross viral videos.

Scott Evenson.
In fact, I was talking with Blubber about how I tricked him with it once.
The stupid part is that he actually clicked it even though I said it was a trap link.
He didn’t notice, apparently.
He can’t endure Offended at all, yet he shares more NSFW content that anyone else, he even made a lolicon thread.


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