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School project (Operation Troll Twitter)

Last posted Sep 15, 2013 at 01:47AM EDT. Added Sep 14, 2013 at 02:33PM EDT
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Hello all, my name is Paul and I need some help with a school project. And being that I hate this class that I’m in (fucking New Media Theory bullshit is pretty fucking useless). The professor decided to drop a project on me in which I have to do this deal involving mass media, or some crap.

I guess The professor in my class wants to be “hip”, and “cool” and use what is known as teh Twatter to post quotes, or some shit. So, due to this and my unadulterated hatred for teh “Twatter”. I have come up with this diabolical plan to totally cream-pie that sucker (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:D), and since I know how people here love to troll, I’d figure that this would be an awesome place to start!

Here’s the idea:

What I want you to do is to fill in the blanks:
“I love to _____________ when I _____________.”

Simple, right? Well, here are some rules (didn’t think I’d let you get off THAT easy). Mind you, these aren’t actual rules, per-say, these are just some ways you could fill in the blanks.

1) You could fill in the blanks normally! (I.E.- I like to fap when I fap.)

2) You could use it in a meme!
(I.E.- )

You could even use memes in PLACE of words!
(I.E.- I like to
when I .)

There are many other things you could do as well! Like mixing up the sentence, or what ever the hell you want to do! In fact, go nuts! But there is only ONE REAL RULE here…

You MUST hash-tag it either: #FukTehTwatter, or #TwatterBurnInHell

The reason for that is that: a) I need some way to show this off to my professor (as if I show him that people, en mass, had done this, I get an “A”) and b) I fucking HATE twitter and I want to return the favor of having to use that crappy site at all!

Hope you guys wouldn’t mind trolling the hell out of twitter, and I hope we could get enough people to flood the fuck out of Twitter! #FukTehTwatter #TwatterBurnInHell

Last edited Sep 14, 2013 at 02:35PM EDT

It’s per se.
Also, the fact that you’re a Brand New Member asking (more or less) total strangers to troll (which isn’t something KYM does officially or endorses off-the-record) Twitter (something that’s quite important to Web Culture as it is developing,) isn’t conducive to getting us to do something as a site.

And finally, should the moderators decide that this is a raid, then this thread will be locked.

4chan probably is a better bet than KYM.

And if I could say, if you’re in high school or below like I’m guessing, then submitting a project with “twat,” “hell,” or “fuk” in it probably won’t get you an “A” as much as it will get you in trouble.

I’d say to take a moment, calm down, accept your assignment, and do it properly.

I got a Master’s degree and a ton of debt to have my primary job in research be recruitment (which mostly entails making phone calls to angry potential participants.)

If I can do that with a graduate degree for several hours a week, then you can do this assignment that should take you a few hours before you’re done with it forever.

Hating something isn’t a reason to do it poorly.

Last edited Sep 14, 2013 at 03:58PM EDT

You seem to be asking people who hate Twitter to make Twitter accounts.

That’s an awful lot of work for some joke that only YOU benefit from.

If you learn anything from your experience on Know Your Meme, you should learn this: the power of trends cannot be controlled. Self-promotion will not avail you.

Suck on THAT.


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