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Steambox Unveiled

Last posted Sep 28, 2013 at 01:17AM EDT. Added Sep 25, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT
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Specific Hardware specifically designed to run SteamOS has been unveiled, and will be released sometime in 2014 along with the SteamOS software.


And now suddenly Valve out of nowhere to directly compete with the big 3, a very bold move that everyone saw it coming. "

Though I did argue earlier another major platform would inch the industry closer to crashing.

So what do you guys think?

(I already feel the hype train charging forth in my chest)

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Oh riiiiiiight, like Nintendo is going to burn down +32.8 BILLION dollars in 5-10 years and become the next Sega. Haha, no.

^Cause it will be Microsoft Xbox if anyone.

Ahem, back on topic.

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“We have designed a high-performance prototype that’s optimized for gaming, for the living room, and for Steam. Of course, it’s also completely upgradable and open,”

A console that you can upgrade yourself? Without buying a new one? I wonder if that means that this would be a console that not only remains backwards compatible, but can also be made forward compatable as well? If so, that could make this a console that the glorious PC master race might actually consider.

All it needs next is simply the ability to run any PC compatible title as well as the ability to use the Mouse and Keyboard and then finally PCfags like myself will have a console they can call their own. I’m hoping for that, if the Steambox can utilise Steam in the exact same way as any PC platform can.

Then again, if the Steambox turns into a PC that can only play games and cannot perform any other PC task while still being as complex as a PC to set up, then that defeats the whole purpose of the thing and the Steam box will surely bomb with both the PC and console markets.

Just hope that the Steambox still works exactly like any ordinary console and remains simple enough to use despite all the customizability. If it can perform like a Playstation with the extra ability to run Steam AND is not locked as-is, then it should do pretty well in the market, I would imagine.

“Valve has not announced it is working on a controller, so this bit is somewhat of a surprise, although it may never see the light of day”

I think a smart move for Valve will be to not develop a controller and make the Steambox compatible with PS and XBox controllers.

I imagine this can be done since many games on Steam already support Xbox controllers. Unless the Linux-based SteamOS restricts that support or MS/Sony say no.

But if Valve pulls that off, it would make the Steambox an even more viable alternative and save them the trouble of battling with the publics pre-existing controller preferences

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I don’t think Nintendo will be doing a Sega anytime soon. Yes the Wii U is failing, but it’s only been a year. A YEAR. If a company like Nintendo only needed a year with just one of their consoles failing to close up shop, no company is safe. People often forget that a lot of the major Wii U games are coming out next year, which will be when the Wii U’s start selling. Plus Nintendo has the already extremely successful 3DS to keep them afloat.
I don’t think Valve’s involvement in the console industry will cause another videogame crash. Knock one company out? That may be, but still highly unlikely. Valve and Nintendo both have extremely loyal fanbases, and Sony is the company that’s pulling out all the stops marketing the PS4. If any company needs to look out, it’s Microsoft, but even they are starting to get much needed exclusive IPs, which are convincing people to give them a second chance after their original slip-up.

To some up: Nintendo isn’t doomed, the PS4 will be a success, Valve will successfully enter the console market, and even Xbox One will find it’s own brand of success. That’s my prediction, the new Big 4 will live on for quite some time.

Carno wrote:


Basically this.

However, this thread only has about 10 replies soo, where you at, KYM?Where’s the hype train?

量子 Meme wrote:

Basically this.

However, this thread only has about 10 replies soo, where you at, KYM?Where’s the hype train?


Seriously, I’m so psyched for this. Praise you Gaben, we are forever inebeted….

“As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come to the conclusion that the environment best suited to delivering value to customers is an operating system built around Steam itself. SteamOS combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen. It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines.”
brb, my inner FOSS is currently exploding.
In all seriousness, though, part of what makes this so awesome is its modularity. It’s like a console in that you can simply plug it in and it’s ready, but it’s like a PC in that it runs Linux a fully-fledged OS, so you can easily modify and customize it to your heart’s content. Therefore, this will something that both console gamers and PC gamers (myself included mostly in the latter) can actually get behind.

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

They released the design for their controller. Seems it utilizes Touch Pads.

I know it’s built for ease of thumb movement, but it seems a bit wonky to me. Mainly because of the fat grips.

Upon looking through the comments sections of several blogs and news feeds, I’m kinda disappointed with the initial reaction. No one has even laid hands on the thing, how can they know if it’ll be uncomfortable or not? I mean, yeah, the handles are rather large, but it’s a prototype, an extremely experimental one at that. I’m positive they’ll change it later on.
Also, I kinda like where they were going with the touchpads. Adds a bit of variety in a sea of analog sticks.

I don’t see any advantage of this console over my gaming laptop, if the whole draw of the console is “play PC games on Steam without needing a PC”. I mean, my laptop probably has more variety in what can be done on it, along with being able to play most PC games, and it can hook up to HD TVs with an HDMI cable. So, would there be any point at all in me getting the console? That’s not a rhetorical question btw; I’m legitimately curious.

Well Gabe crushed many dreams again today, as many hoped today the confirmation of Half Life 3 would have been announced. Well, I guess, we will just have to wait for the next big announcement and devise more conspiracy theories surrounding its fate.

I am interested to see how the controller handles, the replacement of the analog sticks is logical because thumbs naturally curve inward. However I am concerned about the lack of a d-pad. I hope Valve will introduce a d-pad while the hardware is publicly tested, before the Steam Machine is officially released.

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As long as the controller doesn’t ache the thumbs, I don’t see the problem with it (Or better yet, comes with the option to not use it at all.)

People made lots of weird speculation about how the N64 controller was supposed to be held when it was released as well, but we figured it out. People should figure out the steam controller as well once they get their hands on it.

And I’m thinking that either one of those thumb pads IS the D-pad or at least will function the same way. Think about it; does the D pad really need to be shaped like a cross with thumb stabbing corners in order to provide a direction interface?

No; there is no d-pad. Both haptics are used for the control of the direction that your character will face and move, as well as two other functions.

Once people are allowed to test the controllers in the beta, we will see if a d-pad is necessary or not. I still think that the lack of a d-pad will be a problem because some games utilize it, unless the steam controller can utilize the touch pad to eliminate the need for a d-pad.

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