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"This has boobs. This is sexist"

Last posted Oct 07, 2013 at 12:50AM EDT. Added Oct 06, 2013 at 09:38PM EDT
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You ever see like an article or discussion or something where a guy calls a video game or cartoon sexist towards women, not because they are shown as useless or inferior to men or prizes to be desired or something like that, but because some of the girls have big boobs?

You know,something like this:
Basically,this guy goes on a rant about how one of the 8 characters HAPPENS to work for a man, and that the characters should dress up in big baggy clothes that show no skin. If anything, Skullgirls is sexist towards men,because most of the important important characters are women,the super duper wishing magical power gem can ONLY be used by women, and none of the male characters in the game really do….anything(exept for the upcoming DLC characters,or that one scientist dude who is in the game for all of 16 seconds before getting killed). But no, there’s a little boob jiggle,so that means the people who made the game are sexist. Oh,and also, believing in a god is sexist too.

That’s just an example though. I’m mostly curious to see some other stupid shit people post on the internet. You guys find anything?

(I’m new to this whole forums thing,so it would be nice to know if i’m putting this in the wrong place or something.Oh,and buy Skullgirls. Gud game.)

Eh, those guys just sound like typical white knights to me. In fact, those type of men who purposely go out and find reasons to shame (ordinary) things in order to fight for women (who didn’t ask for help) are the exact definition of a white knight.

Until we start seeing ladies voice their upset at Skullgirls for that exact same reason, these guys have no validity at all to their point.

Ironically, white knights are a bigger insult to women than the things they complain about. They imply that women are incapable of voicing their displeasure for themselves and need some guy to handle female matters. And that highlights an even more insulting fact about white knights: these guys don’t really give a shit about women, they just think that acting like a social justice hero for women will get them laid.

The good news is that since white knights usually don’t have the slightest damn clue what they are talking about (as the example in the OP clearly demonstrates) it’s pretty easy to dismiss everything they say.

Wait, a guy was complaining about Skullgirls?

Honestly the game can be a bit over-the-top… I mean almost every knock-down creates a panty shot, there’s jiggling for days, and the animations for being hit are basically “O” faces. That being said, Skullgirls is a great game. I’m a bit of an avid fighting game player, and my Valentine/Cerebella team is a thing of beauty, so of course I’m in love with it. It plays well, is really quite balanced, and it’s adequately paced. In fact, it’s probably the best 2D western fighting game (outside of Divekick, maybe) that I’ve ever played. Really, it doesn’t have to be oversexualized the way that it is, so why is it?

Because that’s just part of what makes Skullgirls what it is.

Skullgirls isn’t actually about the fanservice as much as it is about fighting, so this White Knight should be complaining about a game with no substance other than its fanservice. Look at games like Rumble Roses, where they don’t really play well at all but you play anyway just because it has underage schoolgirls beating the living daylights out of each other in skimpy outfits. Skullgirls has underage schoolgirls in skimpy outfits, but that’s just aesthetic- you’re actually playing the game because its systems are more well-oiled than Hakan from Street Fighter.

Also because Valentine.


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