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Minecraft General 3: Rebuilding!

Last posted Oct 10, 2013 at 09:14PM EDT. Added Oct 09, 2013 at 11:10AM EDT
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My eternal quest to find a Nether fortress will never end. I got lost going from one base to another so much, I had to build a tunnel, so you can imagine how easily I get confused on the multi-leveled Nether. It doesn’t help that those damn Ghasts keep camping my portal like a Call of Duty player.

I did get lucky finding three desert pyramid temple-things and rinsing them of their diamonds and TNT.

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

My server has been down for awhile due to PC Issues and general IRL Shenanigans. I had this “Temple of the Sun” thing going and I want to finish that.

The Entrance. The outside isn’t done yet, but I am decorating it as I go.

There is a hidden Redstone Switch you have to use to activate the Stairs:

The First Big Chamber, there is a handful of rooms beforehand that you have to solve before hand. A few of those Lava Falls can be turned off to reveal more passages, but I haven’t built the rooms they lead to yet:

And one of my more obvious traps I have already laid out. I think you can figure out what it does:

I probably wouldn’t of been inspired to do this without Fandroid showing off her Redstone Capabilities in my server before hand. Though I am still not even close to her level yet. n_n;;

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