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KYM Fire Emblem General

Last posted Dec 06, 2013 at 11:48PM EST. Added Nov 30, 2013 at 10:17PM EST
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Made one because there was none.

It can range from FE1-FE12 at this rate. Since this is my first time even making a general thread, consider the fact I have no clear picture of how I should even format this, and will gladly edit it accordingly if there is a general template.

Topics that obviously go here:
- Story
- whatever game in the series

Anyways, I’m calling FE4 as my favorite.

Fire Emblem (and Advance Wars, also by Intelligent Systems) is one of my favorite series. A friend lent me Blazing Sword/Rekka no Ken, and after that, I had to get Sacred Stones (which I think is underrated).

Awakening, although I find it very simple on Normal, did a lot of neat things to make the game a little less linear and gives you a lot more freedom to explore supports and jobs. It’s my favorite timesink right now.
I also have Shadow Dragon, but it’s a lot less interesting without the supports.

Any favorite characters?

I like Marisa (among others).

According to their Tumblr, the artist doesn’t like for their art to be distributed without their permission. Another user already uploaded it to KYM three months ago, so I’m going to source it there (and here.)

I’ve only played the original SNES series, Fire Emblem GBA, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, and Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, but I greatly enjoyed all of them.

My favorite character is Hector.

My favorite classes are the Hero and the Berserker.

Statement:My favorite lord is Sigurd, despite only being around for half of FE4 all because of chapter 5. Chapter 5 is where the game simply flips the tables on both plot and gameplay. (Yied massacre responsible)


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