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What is your least favorite meme?

Last posted Dec 11, 2009 at 04:57PM EST. Added Nov 24, 2009 at 12:17PM EST
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I really don’t get those “Nico Nico Douga” i stare at them and feel like i lost brain cells. everything else makes me Lulz.

no wait Youtube poop are also very unfunny.extremely unfunny.

this is my opinion anyways.

unrelated to anything i pronounce MEME MIMI! like

You’re still doing it wrong.

Memes are not a new concept invented on the internet.

Here are some videos where memes are discussed by some people who don’t pronounce it mimi.

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If you pronounce it Mimi, then I’d bet that you’ve never actually heard the word spoken by any real experts in the field of memetics.

Here, watch and listen to these two videos.
Dan Dennet on Dangerous Memes:
Susan Blackmore on Memes and Temes:

I’m not saying that you “can’t” pronounce it mimi, but that it makes you sound like either a troll or a simpleton.

I’m not much of a grammar nazi. I make typos all the time. I’m someone who is actually interested in discerning between those ideas that get people to imitate them vs. the people who say “you should imitate this idea.” That failure to recognize the difference is becoming a greater concern when I see noobs pronouncing meme, mimi; illustrating that they not only don’t care about figuring out when something is or isn’t a meme, but that they don’t care much of the idea of memetcs at all.

In short: if you don’t take an interest in memetics, then why are you here?

Like some of my fellow researchers, I really hate YTP’s. I find them to be pointless and such idiotic abominations. I definitely hate those the most. Actually, I also hate that newly submitted article, the “throwing a puppy off a cliff” one. I don’t care if it’s a meme or not, I hate it. That was just stupid of the soldier.

I can’t believe people hate YTP’s. They are truly works of art.

Watch one on youtube called “The old fashioned way of getting rid of steve” or something to that effect, cant go on youtube atm (work blocked it)

@ Frketson

My friend, I respect the fact that you like them and it’s your personal taste, but YTPs are called “Poops” for a reason. They’re from the very bowels of Youtube itself, a lot of people don’t like them, and they stink. They should just be flushed away from Youtube forever.

@ Chris

Though it’s a classic, I care little for it now. It’s one of the most overused memes and it’s lost its humor for me. Besides, it’s more of a YTMND/image macro/shooping meme than a YTP. What’s the point?


@ Frketson

It’s just another typical YTP video. I smiled at some of the incorporated jokes in the editing but no raffing. I still don’t ruse.

@ Frketson

Are you surprised? I don’t like YTPs, I find them annoying, not funny. Maybe if the clips were arranged to create a definite song like MADs I would appreciate them more. YTPs are just too random for my taste.

@all those who hate YTP

I’m not gonna try to persuading you but…
Not all YTP are poops…
Look at Sonic Sez… at least everybody in the internet knows what to do when they got hugged and they feel something wrong…

But seriously, the meme that I really hate is about that stupid soldier throwing that cute adorable whelp…

Although Basement dad gives me shivers too…
At least I don’t live in Australia :D

You gonna get raped.

I’ve always hated it and thought it was a stupid meme but, after reading the story about the man in the picture at KYM, I now think it’s the absolute worst meme ever conceived.

Meme pronounced “meeeeem” Incidentally, rhymes with “regime”.

My least favorite meme is grape stomp lady. Sounds like she is really hurt. Nothing funny about women getting hurt, especially when they weren’t doing anything stupid to fail at.


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