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What is your least favorite meme?

Last posted Dec 11, 2009 at 04:57PM EST. Added Nov 24, 2009 at 12:17PM EST
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I don’t find Youtube poops all that funny either. It’s usually just random noise and eye rape.
There are only a few good ones though. (Walrusguy…that’s it)
And I don’t find the phrase “FAIL.” or “EPIC FAIL” funny anymore. Maybe because my best friend constantly abuses it. Either way, I don’t find it too funny anymore.

Ok, to all people who say that they dislike RickRoll or PedoBear…

I get that maybe you don’t find it funny, but show some respect. Those memes paved the way for future internet memes and created general interest in creativity through alternative outlets.

Also, I love YTP’s, but hate YTMND’s. I mean, they’re funny, and I get it. But they’re more of a “single laugh” gimmick then a full-fledged, guffah-inducing laugh fest.

Inb4 serious business.


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