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Everybody settle.

Last posted Nov 29, 2009 at 05:27PM EST. Added Nov 29, 2009 at 02:21PM EST
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Wow, everybody needs to chill out with the personal attacks. I’m seeing a number of users who have gotten too heated.

Everyone swallow your pride, stop flaming eachother, and chill out for a bit. I’m gonna read through what’s all been said. A lot of people are out of line from the looks of it.

yes they are you see them telling me to burn and stuff im just threading questions i have cursed no one many of them should be banned if you ask me.. this is the welcome i get to a site..

You guys are awesome.

But I don’t think I can stay.
This sites a city on the bridge of collapse, the friendly users are replaced with trolls and we all knew it would happen one day.
Like I said to Blubber once. We really have become /b/.

Yeah, please. Taryn didn’t deserved that. I deserved it more than him.
There have been a chaotic moment here but everything is coming back to normal, I think.
Come one Taryn, It isn’t /b/.
It’s KnowYourMeme, and it will stay KnowYourMeme.

There is no reason it will change like that.

I didn’t know you guys liked me so much.
I think I’m gunna cry. ;_;
I think they just banned me to warn everyone else, but I think I kinda deserved it.
You guys shouldn’t take the blame.

I hate disabling the accounts of regular users. But a bunch of you guys mobbed all over this guy for being new. He probably didn’t know what he was even doing wrong.

You guys skipped over telling him to Lurk Moar, RTFA, or even give a basic dismissive TL;DR.

I can repeal bans, but you guys need to hear out a new user.

In the meantime, we’re still reviewing everything.

“He probably didn’t know what he was even doing”
Directly telling him is not knowing?
“You guys skipped over telling him to Lurk Moar, RTFA, or even give a basic dismissive TL;DR.”
I don’t think you need that when you tell him directly what he’s doing wron and explaining when he doesn’t care and is just ignorant. Don’t revive my profile if you have to.
I’d rather be banned on a good site then revived on a bad one.

By flooding forums with useless gabble and refusing to listen to reason he deserved it.
What if we were to let everyone do that.
Oh, that’s right. WE ALREADY HAVE.
You give them warning and then do nothing else to stop it, but then when I try to make a difference you cut me out like you should have done to them. I’m tired of letting trolls into our forums with no defense, maybe you think I’m a flamer or a troll, but I only did it to take action, seeing as no one else would. And then, guess what happened, people agreed with me and decided to join along and help, but I guess you couldn’t have such a thing, could you? Maybe I’m a troll, maybe not. But this site is crumbling to the ground and no one is putting up support beams.


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