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Angry thread!

Last posted Nov 30, 2009 at 01:17PM EST. Added Nov 29, 2009 at 04:13PM EST
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This is an angry thread.

Here you can be angry.

Here’s what you do.

If you are angry.

1. Type “I am angry”. Don’t say why because frankly my dear, no one gives a damn.

2. Maybe post a picture of an angry face. Like this one.

If you are not angry

1. Post a picture or video of something to cheer those angry bastards up.

Like this baby koala.

Sound good?


If all else fails, this can be a thread full of cheery things.

I’m finally back on the site and what do I get greeted by… people ganging up and flaming a new user. THAT makes me angry. It’s a new user guys, chillax! Like I’ve been stressing for a long time, why can’t we all just be friends. Don’t hate, be kind and help these new people properly. Entertain questions, even if they might be a little hard to interpret and/or strange. If someone’s doing something wrong, explain what they’re doing wrong to them in a nice tone. If they answer stupidly, it’s a troll. But, seeing as Tommy is trying to defend himself in a kind manner trying to make you people understand why he’s doing what he’s doing, I can tell he’s not a troll, but just “the new guy who wants to fit in”. Because of these heated up arguments that basically didn’t result in anything good, a few people were banned (Taryn, for Christ’s sake! But, then again, he was being overly strong headed with his flaming. Sorry, Taryn). This annoys me a lot guys. Please be friendly again. Please.


You never read the rules.

Don’t post why you’re angry just that you’re angry.

This is not soviet russia where rules follow you.

While your concerns are important to us, we must obey the rules.

Also, I’m allowed to break the rules, that’s it.


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