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KYM AMA General

Last posted Feb 20, 2014 at 04:10AM EST. Added Feb 19, 2014 at 08:16PM EST
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This might get a bit chaotic, but my super-conceited ego train has crashed, so this is basically where you can ask anyone anything! Try asking questions to users you know go on these forums often to get this flowing, and then you can get to know things about others and a place for lesser known users to become known. (Also see this thread if you’re a new member wanting to get known.)

This is more for the seasoned members and getting to know people in depth, which is what AMAs are for!

To start, ask about a popular mod, or I don’t know, maybe your pal Sammy? :3

Loli wrote:

Isn’t more easy just ask personally vía PM or by wall?

This is more of a public way you can do it. If it’s really private, you should ask by PM, but this is just for burning questions that lots of people might have, and this way, everyone can see the answers. It also adds some activity to the forums, which is something I strive to do.

See? You’re already asking questions! Keep them going!

So Loli, what’s you favorite fandom you are a part of?

Muffinlicious the Subhuman Weeaboo wrote:

Awesome, now people can ask really embarrassing questions everyone will see!
As for the question, sticking with my question from the last thread

So, how much do you like KYM?

It’s my life! Well, not really, but it’s one of my major hobbies. I get more and more into it every day. (Not too much though. If I feel I’ve been too caught up on KYM, I take a little break.) I’m trying to get more involved and do more things. In the beginning, I was a simple lurker. I just hovered around and occasionally left comments. I stayed that way for practically half of a year surprisingly. Very recently though, I’ve tried interacting more and now here I am! I would say I’m pretty popular now. Not that much, but people notice me now. As I said, I was a lurker for most of my account’s existence and I’ve gone under 4 different usernames, so that’s why my account is a year old, yet I’ve only been noticed now. In fact, I never even knew KYM had these forums until a few months ago. I thought it was just entries you could comment on. Silly, I know. I’m trying to contribute more to improving the site though instead of just screwing around. (Uploading pics, videos, editing, etc.)

So Muffinlicious, what’s your back-story? How’d you find KYM in the first place?

ITT: Sam makes this thread after his last one was locked as a last ditch effort for attention, still clinging onto his desperate hope of getting in the center of everyones eye

This probably won’t go far though, nobody wants a general AMA of everyone. They want an AMA about themselves

It seems we all realize that this isn’t a “General”, but instead just a poorly disguised attempt at getting the center of attention.

Nice try, but your intentions were fake, so I’m still locking it.


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