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My serious internal struggle with this site

Last posted Feb 23, 2014 at 07:20PM EST. Added Feb 23, 2014 at 04:41PM EST
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I changed my name back to Lea so that some of you might remember me. When I was 13 (So about 2 years ago) I was one of the most popular users on KYM. I was even friends with Forest Gibson. A series of events led me to delete my account and I didn’t touch this site for over a year. Now I’m back (15 now, holy shit), and I can honestly say that I have no idea how I got so popular. I haven’t been posting much… at all… but I really want all of my old friends back…
If you were friends with me before can you please add me again? I’ll try my best to be useful to the site like I was back then.

And here’s a gif… I made this gif and posted it here two years ago… (cries)

Heyyyyyyy! :D

Don’t worry! I don’t think I’ve ever met your previous incarnation, but I’ll welcome you back regardless. I hope you stay around now and build your popularity back up. Just look at me, I was a nobody for a year, but in the course of a monthe or two everybody knows me! Welcome back ro KYM! Enjoy your stay.

Well then, welcome back!

Now I wasn’t here when you we’re in your prime but that doesn’t matter; nice to meet you, I’m thegreato! I’m the user who will become the comment king!

I was also a slow start here; being completely inactive my first 9 months of membership. So it’s kind of cool to see an old user returning to the site under a new name!

Basically what I’m trying to say is, if you want to join up with all of your old friends, I whole heartedly encourage that; but if you would want to make some new ones, I’d gladly let you join my crew!

And though while you said you don’t post frequently here; I kinda would hope that you do honestly, things have changed in 2 years (on the internet that’s a long time) and having a “new” face to join the adventure makes it all the better!

But the fact of the matter is your here, now


and don’t forget to hold on tight.

I was one of the most popular users on KYM.

You probably weren’t.

As this is basically a “I’m back, please give me your attention” thread, I’ll now just lock it.


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