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Things You Like That Influence You IRL General

Last posted Feb 24, 2014 at 03:26PM EST. Added Feb 23, 2014 at 09:21PM EST
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As we all know, sometimes things we really like (TV show, movie, games, etc.) can change the way we act in real life. So, this is a thread all about that! Here are some examples for me so you know what I’m talking about.

Metal Gear Solid / Sly Cooper: I’m really stealthy now. I can sneak up on mostly anyone unheard. I’m a good pick-pocket, but I hope I’ll really never have to use it. I kind of just screw with my friends. (Hiding in boxes does not work IRL, trust me!

Zelda: I like to adventure now. I also tend to “item hoard” with things. I love the ocean, trains, and horse-riding.

Mario: Jumping!

Sonic: I have taken up parkour, track, and free-running because of it.

Metroid: I wander around big, lonely places and investigate. I don’t use a map of any kind. If I get lost, I backtrack!

Frozen: The cold doesn’t bother me anywaaaaaay!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: The reason I started skating was because of THPS3.

School of Rock: Really started to play guitar because of it.

Pat Tillman: He’s the reason I started playing football. If you don’t know who he is, look him up.

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I blame Patrick for introducing me into anime and ruining my life.

It changed the way I see a lot of things. It’s my way to escape from some things but it also inspires me a lot.

This shit hole

To be honest, I learned a lot of things thanks to this place and I even made a few friends here. So thanks for that KYM

Movies and Music

I’m a useless shut-in, I often escape from myself by watching movies or listening music, but ironically it was also my salvation.

I began to interact with other people thanks I started studying to become a musician and film director, I met wonderful people because of that.

Nintendo and Video Games in General:

It pretty much pushed me right into a Game Design Major at a college out of town, so therefore caused me to move as well. And by extension, is having me to teach myself the life skills needed to live by myself.


Back before I even got into anime, I got into a comic war with one of my freinds. She drew in the Anime Style so that’s how I attempted to emulate her, despite it taking a good while before I was finally able to get it. Now I am the artist you see today.

Also, the strange themes within anime helped me contemplate and figure out I was Genderfluid. Eventually it also convinced me to take a few Asian Culture classes and gave me a great deal of perspective compared to the western lifestyle. Made me feel there really is no absolutes to anything and there was always an option there.

Know Your Meme:

Yeah, this is an obvious one, but I had gathered a good ton of people skills from here, and also helped alleviate my negative feelings of self worth in real life. Also figured out I was actually quite good at counseling people despite being a massive introvert in real life.

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Anime: Got me to take my drawing much more seriously, and here I am seven years later starting my second semester of art school. I’ve also been going to conventions for six years now if that counts as IRL

KYM: I’ve become a much more analytical person and I’ve also improved the way I present my ideas and opinions

MLP: I’ve started involuntarily saying “Eeeyup” and “Nnnope”

Frozen: Nope, still fuckin despise the cold.

4chan: Inappropriate conversation topics, use of the word “faggot” has increased dramatically.

Tumblr: I get the urge to offend more people just to see if they’ll yell “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE” and yell at me for being a white cis male.

TF2: I carry a lighter around in my sock just in case. Old USMC trench lighter from WWII.

Transformers: I now can have my own thing that I’m an expert on that none of my friends know that I can sneak into conversation somehow

KYM: I often curse your names when something goes wrong.

Hotline Miami: I make sure I know the layout of every building I set foot into and where all the sharp objects are

Olan Rogers: Wrote a college essay about this guy (the school I wrote it for rejected me). I started following Olan when he was a member of Balloonshop, a sketch group on YouTube, and now avidly follow his independent projects. His vlogs get the most attention but they pale in comparison to the writing, cinematography, acting, and overall production value of his series: The Last Scene, New Prime, and Pop Rocket. He also just has a ton of fun making them, which is the inspiring part I was supposed to be getting at.

MLP: The show didn’t inspire me per se (I already used “eeyup,” so the show made me feel a bit more validated), but the fandom is what got me into animating, even if I tend to get lazy and sit on my laurels about it. It also introduced me to some pretty cool Internet people and got me to start using my KYM account a year after I made it. One of my animations is almost at a hundred fifty-thousand views, so it’s been good for boosting my ego.

Unreal Tournament: Whenever I wandered through a large indoor complex, such as a mall, I would analyse the building for the best locations for weapon and healthpack bases and wherever a jump pad would be really useful.

Need for speed: I learned the importance of when to apply brakes and when to change gears

MLP: Unwarranted Pinkie Pie-style optimism in social settings

KYM: I get in trouble at work for threatening to ban my work colleagues

The Lord of the Rings: Being a fan since childhood, when I saw the movies in theaters and my dad read me the Hobbit, it’s possibly shaped my outlook and values to a degree. Also, I’m very into questing, whether it’s going somewhere to complete a task, get something, or explore somewhere I haven’t been.

Star Trek: I use the Vulcan salute as a farewell sometimes. Cool people are those who do it back.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: When trying to encourage someone (usually my little brother) or making declarations or decisions, I point to sky. (The “aim for the heavens” gesture)

H.P. Lovecraft: I’ll go into flowery descriptions of creepy things sometimes, always with words like “eldritch” and “maddening.”

Judas Priest: I tend to start arguments with “If you think that…” and end with “… you’ve got another thing coming.”

Emerson Lake & Palmer: When going back to class after any break (spring, winter, etc.) it’s always “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!”

Dio: Saying “look out” and flashing the horns a lot.

Monty Python: I constantly quote the show and the movies at the right (and wrong) times. Where’s Spiny Norman?
Star Fox 64: Same thing goes for Peppy. Good going, Fox!


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