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Last posted Feb 26, 2014 at 09:52PM EST. Added Feb 24, 2014 at 10:27PM EST
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[Hey Nat, I’ll be frank. I was thinking of you when I started this topic. Wanted to open up a place for you (and anyone else who loves Touhou) to talk about it. It really deserves more recognition as it is]

Ah, Touhou; one of my personal favorite fandoms. In my honest opinion, in Japan, Touhou is what MLP is to us in the west. But what is Touhou? If you want the short answer, it’s a “danmaku” or Bullet Hell Shooter (in layman’s terms it’s Galaga on crack and steroids). An entire series of games all made by one reclusive beer loving Japanese guy; Zun. Honestly, a true achievement; no, really

File Photo:

….but if you want a deeper answer…
Hundreds of characters, each with their own personality,a finely crafted fannon that builds upon itself, and entire webs of lore and relationships. As a testament to how engrossing this fandom is, I’ll be honest I have never even played a Touhou game in my life (and if I did I’d probably suck at it) In fact the only reason I even discovered it was through Danbooru.

….Yet, I know almost everything about it…characters, lore, in jokes along with memes, and so much more…and I love it.

So with that out of the way, let the Touhou discussion begin!

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New Touhou 3D Fight. Reimu vs Yuyuko (and a bit of Youmu too).

If Gohan ever played Touhou he would lose in the first 30 seconds. On easy mode.

Bro, do you even DOOOOOOOOOOODGE!!?

Ahem. On a related note; the lineup of new Touhou releases as well as fangames have dried up since the last Comiket. Bit hungry for some more, but I guess I shouldn’t get greedy cause I haven’t even normal runned all the games I have yet.

Also need to get ahold of the final version of Lullaby for Gaia. If that is released yet anyways. When I played it before it was missing a good number of it’s sprite animation details, but that’s not the first time Lionheart has done that.

Peacock Roy wrote:

I’ve always wanted to try Touhou but I don’t know where to start. What game should I play first?

Number 8

Just be certain to go into settings to turn the Sound and Music back on. The uploader turned them off for some reason.

It introduces you to 9 of the recurring characters, has tools to making progression easier such as Death Bombs (when you are hit, you can press the x button and your other character will fire an extra powerful attack to save your life, but if costs two bombs) and a Spell Practice Mode, and was the peak of the series gameplay evolution before it devolved in Number 10 (Number 9 was a multiplayer vs game).

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I’ve never really been all that eager to try out Touhou as a game (since bullet hell doesn’t suit me as a genre), but I do enjoy it as a pop culture phenomena. Quite a lot infact.

I really enjoy all the quality artwork, incredibly good music and cover songs by various artists, and the character design and myth inspired lore are also really interesting. I’ve also gone through some Touhou related manga, but I’m personally most fond of the music of the series.

I’ve know I’ve said this many times before, but I’ve even gone and learnt a few Touhou songs on the piano. Even though I’m pretty mediocore, when it coems to musical talent.

I also love the clothing and costume design of many characters in the games. It’s really refreshing and unique compared to many other series. Especially with all the hats.

It’s also been fun to see Touhou being referenced in other media, mainly LoL. Most obviously with Youmuu’s Ghostblade item, and Lux’s Final Spark (and pretty much the entire character overall).

It was a bit annoying to notice when they were going to change the icon of Youmuu’s Ghostblade from a katana to something else though. But I guess that’s understandable since they have to strengthen their own IP.

As for my own favourite Touhou character, I can’t really name one.

I like Youmu and Utsuho, but I also like the design of Tenshi. I also think Flandre has one of the coolest pairs of wings ever.

I think pretty much every single character has got at least something cool and interesting going on in their design though.

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Anyone have any favorite fan artists?

I’ve got three off the top of my head:

(Image samples aren’t coming though, so I took them out)

1. Mizuki Hitoshi, who draws the 4koma “Hang in There Kogasa-san!” in which The Touhou characters shown are self-inserts of the artist and his friends; with himself always being Kogasa, and his wife always being Sanae. He does some normal fan art as well.

It’s actually quite funny, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Here’s the link to his Danbooru page:

2. setz, a Finnish Touhou fan who does a 4koma (mostly in Finnish, with some exceptions. Though all are translated) in addition with his normal artwork.

His style is a bit different, but good; and his 4komas are funny too. Check him out.

Link to his Danbooru page:

3. A guy called Aoshima, and while more than a little risque I do love his character redesigns and his take on Nue (basically Princess Mollestia in overdrive)

A bit over the edge in terms of content, but the 4koma is funny and the art is good. Take a look for yourself.

Link to his Danbooru page:

Ya’ like or heard of any of em’?

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I’ve actually got two personal favourite artists that I can name right away, but I could start naming more if I really dug deeper into my favourite images gallery on my dA.

First of all, I really like the works of DanteWon’tDie. He does plenty of other really high quality stuff besides Touhou, but I personally like him most for the Touhou stuff.

Second, I enjoy the works of Tafuto. Oil paintings are just awesome, even if there’s some little things in proportions, features, etc. that stick to my eye as a bit flawed.

I hate to say anything about his works being flawed though, since I could never draw anything as good.

thegreato wrote:

setz, a Finnish Touhou fan who does a 4koma (mostly in Finnish, with some exceptions. Though all are translated) in addition with his normal artwork.

Damn, I’ve gotta say that it’s really weird to read random Touhou related comics in finnish. It just feels so out of place in context.


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