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How do you get notoriety for a particular fanfic

Last posted Mar 24, 2014 at 06:48AM EDT. Added Mar 24, 2014 at 06:33AM EDT
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I’ve been reading this star wars fanfic called OOM-9’s revenge (which is in the respectable bounds of canon) and I see a lot of potential for it as i kept reading, yet even though it’s been in development for around of 5 years (and it’s still updating) it hardly sees any notoriety. It’s hard to explain why it’s really good, but It includes good character and setting development, lots of different and obscure characters (both original and existing ones from the EU and Clone Wars) along with different units never touched on (like units from SW galactic battlegrounds or units from toys). a good plot structure and it actually portrays the CIS in more believable light. Heck he even created a few pictures for some of the characters.


here’s a summary of the fanfiction I made earlier:

“Plot Summary: Commander OOM-9, leader of the invasion forces of Naboo, gets reactivated in Raxus Prime (along with a few of his comrades) and thanks to certain upgrades and years of experience (before the invasion of Naboo and after he got reactivated a number of years before the Clone Wars) now leads a battalion of CIS forces known as the 8th Fleet, to combat against the Republic’s new army of Clone Troopers. This fanfic will feature many obscure characters (organic and droids) (containing personality and traits), it will portray a more developed view of the CIS then being the generic villain as portrayed in The Clone Wars tv series and it will mention a little more details of the darker sides of the Republic. This fic is also in the respectable bounds of canon. You would also see formidable new foes, some already existing characters or other newly created characters. (some chapters are even based on the antagonist). Note that this is not my fanfic, it’s a user’s story named ‘ZakoBattledroid.’”

Anyway, how can i attract more people to this person’s fanfiction without the use of spamming random threads? (and I do hope I don’t annoy anyone with this request, it’s just that I feel this needs more notoriety, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and so I decided to ask for help)

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