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Do you like video games?

Last posted Dec 05, 2009 at 11:10PM EST. Added Dec 05, 2009 at 03:07PM EST
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Well you clicked on this thread so I guess that’s a yes.

Now do you have kids?

Let’s imagine you do.

Now are you worried that video games will corrupt them into devil worshipping serial killers?

Well, have I got a site for you.

Ta-da! Gaming with a pinch of Jesus.

Now to be fair, it is a site for parents to learn a little more about the games little Jeffy wants to have. So they do mention things like violence, gore, suggestive themes and the like.

But when you see they are talking about whether Spore Hero is a prop for the dreaded theory of evolution you know it’s going to be a tad ridiculous.

From the article

Just as with the PC-based Spore, the idea of cross-species evolution does tag along for the leg- and arm- and spine-growing ride.

Spore Hero is so cute and handles its potential negatives so lightheartedly that it’s actually more kid-friendly than its predecessor--which was already pretty tame. But families not so fond of the whole single-cell-turns-into-much-much-more mutation concept are going to have to ask themselves whether they think Darwin’s been so diluted by all the goofiness that he’s no longer really relevant. Or, for the sake of argument, whether all the cuddly cuteness somehow manages to embed the ideals of evolution as an explanation of origin even more firmly into young gaming minds.

I will note that because you’re building your beastie rather than letting it change all by itself via some sort of digitally passive natural selection, it can be argued that you become the intelligent designer, and isolated evolution isn’t really the thing here at all.

tl;dr : OMG evolution is in this game but dun worry u r like the god n stuff.

Sometimes they bring up things that no one notices.

From Guitar Hero 3:

As for female guitarists--and singers on certain tracks--strips of leather cover some skin but expose more. One of these femme fatales can purchase an outfit called “Skool Grrl” that comes with this description: “The exact same outfit Judy was wearing when she was kicked out of high school at age 15.”

At first it makes a valid point, this is for worried parents after all. But I had to go back and check to see if that quote was even there. I can imagine one line from a video game can encourage kids to get themselves kicked out of school. Especially with parents that are worried about that EXACT situation happening.

They suggest you play Guitar Praise instead.

And here’s how at least one reviewer sees him/herself.

From the Guitar Praise article:

I’ll be completely honest. There are many video games that I’ve reviewed for Plugged In that I wouldn’t let my kids--or anyone’s kids, if I had such power--get within a country mile of. And that’s not some spoil-the-kids’-fun, judgmental know-it-all speaking, either. It’s a little gut-level reality from a humble gamer with enough sense to know better.


Well check the site out for yourself.

And if video games aren’t your thing they have movies music and TV

If your find any more woderful bits of knowledge from this site please post them.

You damned dirty sinner you.

Dec 05, 2009 at 03:07PM EST

And that’s why I’m working on being a game developer… a Christian one … THAT DOESN’T SUCK!

btw: me ad a bud of mide made a homebrew of rockband for an event it was like what that praise and worship knock off was trying to do only better…
two words Christian metal, not just this

Dec 05, 2009 at 03:45PM EST

Either bashing Christians as a whole, or just sitting back and laughing at them.
Wow, I’m laughing at myself…

Dec 05, 2009 at 04:09PM EST

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

But the point of the matter is this site or collection of site is going overboard with protecting children from stupid things.

I have nothing against Christians.

But that site is ridiculous about some things, some of which are related to Christianity but that’s not the main focus..

Maybe my original post never pointed out clearly that my problem with that site is that it’s nitpicking games for “terrible things” that the majority of people miss.

The thread is finding as many ridiculous parts from that site as possible.

I’m sorry if I caused any unintentional anger.

Dec 05, 2009 at 04:16PM EST

Oh, ok. Seems less random. I think they’re that nit picky because there are some super sensitive people.

Dec 05, 2009 at 04:20PM EST

oh no offense taken no anger either Cap, wheres that darn satire button when you need it?
as a matter of fact I find this stuff funny

Dec 05, 2009 at 04:21PM EST

The Sims 3:
Sims can lock lips with each other in public and private. They can even bed-hop, indulging in premarital trysts, same-sex intercourse or adulterous romances with as many partners as they can woo. Some formfitting outfits can be a little revealing. (Nudity is pixelated.) Meanwhile, sex is a giggling activity hidden under the bedcovers. Still, the slightly censored nature of a character’s would-be erotic exploits doesn’t diminish the fact that the person playing the game is still making those lascivious (if virtual) choices.

This is my new favorite site. Yes.

Dec 05, 2009 at 07:39PM EST

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