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I'm such a n00b at life.

Last posted Aug 01, 2009 at 03:34AM EDT. Added Jul 30, 2009 at 08:49PM EDT
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So guys screen shots!

Okay, some files, Haruhi game in .rar format. And my broken torrent, that wasn’t broken until last night, and it took 2 days to do what ever BitTorretn does to it. And what I have to use to burn this.

<img src-“”>
More .rars, and some unzipped ones too. And more pages I have.

<img src-“”>
Uh, just some notes. I have hideous handwriting for a girl. And yes, I AM A GIRL! Yeah, and my fugly doodle style.

So I want to burn my torretn/.rars of the Haruhi game for the Wii onto a DVD-RW I have. But I have no clue how. So if anyone wants to help an idiot like me… It’ll be greatly appreciated.
I’m sorry this isn’t anything to do with a meme, I just want some help that isn’t Bing or Google. And for breaking Rule 16. Really, I apologize.

I don’t see how the torrent breaking after you finished is worth acknowledgment. If you finished downloading the files from the torrent, then you’re set, but if the torrent broke after the download, then that just means you can’t seed anymore.

I wouldn’t be the one to instruct others on how to properly burn files, but do you mean to burn the files to a disk for the sake of file storage, or do you aim to use the disk to play on a real Wii? If it’s the latter, I’m not sure if Wiis read conventional discs. If it’s for storage, Google is a bit reliable for finding out tech info like how to burn, but I’m assuming you haven’t tried Google yet.

Btw, if disc burning doesn’t work on the wii, you could try Dolphin, the only wii/gamecube emulator to my knowledge, and a highly compatible one at that. It may be worth a shot.

BTWbtw, upload those second two photos again, in case my input isn’t useful.

And don’t forget to unpack the rar’s. Always gotta unpack the rar’s. It’s what mah pappy taught me.

Oh well, uh. I’m not skilled in the UnPacking on the .rars, so if anyone wants to help.

I’m also clueless at torrents, so really. But
I’m not sure if I got any information out of the torrent. And the .rars don’t show up when I’m in the folder on ImgBurn…

I used to be clueless in this area too

First, see if the rar’s exist, find the folder they should be in (not using imgburn, just find the folder). If the rar’s really aren’t on your computer at all, you may have to find another torrent. If they are on your computer, and you just aren’t able to see them through imgburn, unpacking them is simple. To do so, you’ll have to get a program to unpack them, since windows alone is unable to unzip rar files.

There are lots of choices, but I recomend ExtractNow, since it’s free, small in size, and it has a simple interface. Once you have it installed, look at the file extentions of the rar’s. Do they all end in “.rar”, or are they numberd (.r00, .r01, .r02…)? If they all end in “.rar”, highlight them all, drag them onto ExtractNow, and click extract. If they are numbered, just click and drag the first one (.r00) to ExtractNow and click extract. Then ExtractNow will unpack all the numbered files.

The time it takes depends on size, of course, but it shouldn’t take long at all. If the extraction fails, then the files may be broken, which would also mean you would need to get a new torrent. If it finishes, the results may differ depending on whether the files had “.rar” extentions or numbered extentions. I’m not experienced with multiple “.rar” extentions, so I’m not entirely sure what the result would be (I’m at leat pretty sure a folder will be created). Really, for big packs, “.rar” is inferior to numbered files anyway. If the files were numbered, then after the extraction, there should be one new folder, containg the file for the game.

That folder should contain the wii game (probably in .iso format). Like I said before, I don’t think a Wii can read regular discs, but I’m not entirely sure. Hope I’ve helped.

Also, if you were able to open a torrent and download the files, there isn’t to much more you need to know about torrents (Except for safety issues, like viruses and such).

A note on the unpacking differences between the .rar’s and numbered files: Happened to get my hands on some regular .rar’s. They unpack in the same fasion as the numbered .rar’s (I still prefer numbered). Also, if your files are numbered rar’s, in the same directory as the numbered files, there may be a lone “.rar” file and a file ending in “.sfv”. Don’t worry about them. And don’t forget, since it’s extremely unlikely you’ll need the rar’s after a succesful extraction, you can delete them (They waste MASSIVE disc space, packed files I accumulated over a few months totaled more than 60gb).


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