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American Football Thread-What should the Redskin's new name be?

Last posted Jun 19, 2014 at 12:13AM EDT. Added Jun 18, 2014 at 05:22PM EDT
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Patent office cancels Redskins trademark. Deems it offensive.
This means anybody can make Redskins related things and sell them. The NFL and the Redskins will likely have to change the name in the next few years. What should the new name be?

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pizzaguy said:

Patent office cancels Redskins trademark. Deems it offensive.

Hopefully a federal judge bitchslaps the USPTO so hard they revert back to the Trademark Act of 1905 since there’s zero legal standing to revoke a long standing trademark because it’s “offensive.”

Anyway, Snyder’s a stubborn man.

I see him doing this as a big “fuck you” long before he ever changes the name.

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The Washington… wait for it… it’s coming… hold on… Redskins.

There is absolutely no reason that the government should be involved in a fucking sports team. I mean, if it was Roger Goodell, then yeah, I could understand that. But it isn’t. It’s a bunch of sixty-something morons who probably don’t even know how many Super Bowls the team has won (three, to be precise) sticking their noses into something much, much less important than what they should be dealing with. How about you worry about reforming the horribly outdated school system and stop making people bankrupt for being in a car crash before you come in and demand a FUCKING FOOTBALL TEAM to change their name?!

The only way I ever want this team to change their name is if they were to relocate. As a matter of fact, I think teams should change their names when they relocate, especially if the name doesn’t make sense in their new home. (I’m looking at you, Utah Jazz.)

But I’m getting off topic. The point is, this is a perfect example of the Political Correctness Gone Mad trope. I have never once heard the term “redskin” used outside of football conversations. At least it isn’t as ridiculous as that one school in Utah that had to change their name from Cougars to avoid offending middle-aged women. (I’m not fucking kidding.)

(Also, notice how I never said “liberals” or “republicans” or anything of the sort. I hate everyone equally.)

I’m surprised than no one’s taken up this same complaint with the Cleveland Indians. Well, I’m not that surprised, since no one actually cares about baseball, but still. This is their goddamn official logo:

Look at that thing! Why don’t they just add a peace pipe to it at this point?

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I think the name should be changed, but I can’t make a logical argument.

I think the NFL can force the Washington Redskins to change the name, because the Washington Redskins are part of a league. If you do not abide by the rules of the league, then the league can boot you out. This was essentially the case with Donald Sterling (who made racist remarks, asking his mistress to not be seen with black people in public.)

However, the league hasn’t made that call yet, and I don’t think “Redskins” and evidence around it is strong enough to say that it is hate speech.

So quickly, the government shouldn’t be able to make Dan Snyder (owner of the team) change the name, but the National Football League can IF they choose to. I don’t think the NFL is going to make that leap until money comes into play, and I don’t think that time is upon them…just yet.

As for the actual name, I’d say:

The Washington Benjamins

Because RGIII is money. Or something. I don’t know.

Mangy Black Sheep wrote:

@Fridge Logic
Well the Cleveland Indians created a new logo and made it their primary logo this year, of course the Chief Wahoo logo is still around, so I guess someone noticed.

1914 called. They want their logo back.


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