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Things that scared you as a kid!

Last posted Jul 06, 2014 at 02:01PM EDT. Added Jun 22, 2014 at 01:38AM EDT
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I think you know what I mean…
Anyways, just use this thread to post things that scared you as a kid. (Creepy or not…)
Hell, it doesn’t even have to be rational.
I’ll start…

Bowser’s Laugh from SM64… Looking back, it’s not that bad, but when I was 6… Oh god…
Whenever I started a new game, I’d turn down the volume before I entered the castle because of how creepy I thought it was…

Allow me to share another tale. My grandma took me and my brother to a garage sale once and we ended up getting a couple of N64 games, one of which was Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I mostly watched my brother play it, I didn’t really like the way it played as a kid, I also didn’t understand a lot of the jokes. A few weeks later, my brother gets to the mansion part. I wasn’t really watching him, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. He got up to use the bathroom and I took over the controller because this part seemed interesting. I was just moving around and learning the controls, when suddenly, a zombie appears!

I literally dropped the controller and ran out of the room, because of how much it scared me. Hell, even to this day, I still kinda jump in that section of CBFD.

Fridge wrote:

Bitch please that shit scares everyone at every age don’t fuck with spiders they’re bad news.

Anyway, for me? The Thriller video.

I’m not scared of spiders…

This motherfucker gave me nightmares for several days. That’s what I get for playing Twisted Metal Black at an early age.

Now, I look at him and I’m like “this guy is awesome!”

Last edited Jun 22, 2014 at 08:25PM EDT

The earliest time I actually got scared badly as a kid was when I was playing Ocarina of Time and was at the part where Link is in the graveyard at Kakariko Village and laid eyes upon the ReDeads. Just that scream piercing through the speakers and inhuman moans you would hear made me throw down the controller and hide after one had latched onto Link as it sank away his life. However much later in the game the mini boss Dead Hand was also one that made me scared. I just couldn’t stand the sight of this blood soaked, tumorous creature that had multiple arms that I still consider one of the most terrifying enemies in gaming.

General Shi Gai wrote:

Anyone remember this arcade gem?

As a kid, looking at the cabinet and opening intro was scary enough for me. But then I decided to put a quarter in and play it… I had nightmares of it for about a week.

YOU BASTARD. Thanks for reminding me of that… shudder

Earth Mover from Batman Beyond was the first time in my life where something terrified me to the point that it haunted my nightmares (until kayako from The Grudge take over).

Thankfully those two aren’t as active in my nightmarescape as they were back in the old days.

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Event horizon.

I watched it when i was 10. So why did i watch it? Why did i want to see it? Because i had the stupid belief that there is no such thing as a sci fi horror. As if they are 2 polar opposite genres.

I was caught by surprise and was so traumatised that i didn’t eat much and i slept in my mother’s bed.

I was always imagining a man is going to come in my room and gut me.

Now that i am 16 i look back at it and…

It is really silly, it is as if they tried to make the scream manly and vulnerable at the same time.

Fucking Anne.jpg and Bloody Mary. I saw Mary when I was about 7 (not the real one, just an image of what she supposedly looked like) and promptly had the worst fucking nightmare in my entire life. Anne.jpg was a stunt pulled by my friend who lives in New York. He sent me it while I was playing TF2 MvM and I actually fell out of my chair. The browser was also buggy as fuck and I could barely close it out in time before it glitched out again.

When I was around 11 years old, I got really into sonic after playing Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I ended up stumbling across THIS monstrosity on newgrounds.

I remember that there was some sort of curse involving it, or whatever. Anyways, all thanks to this fucking doll, I had a fear of small red lights (Like those on televisions and what not.), also I owned an actual Tails doll (Plushie… thing.) I won from a fair. I didn’t really want to move it, but I would just lie in bed staring at it, making sure it didn’t try anything.

this.. Purple FUCKER. I am a huge tekken fan but devil kazuya scarred me his theme his stage a dark room with only mirrors and a epic inception of of yourself and your character that still freaks me out. I’ve never defeated devil kazuya in tekken 2 until i was 13

this.. Purple FUCKER. I am a huge tekken fan but devil kazuya scarred me his theme his stage a dark room with only mirrors and a epic inception of of yourself and your character that still freaks me out. I’ve never defeated devil kazuya in tekken 2 until i was 13

MaterialisticBicycle wrote:

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

I loved that book! I read it when I was older though, so it didn’t scare me too much. Just enough to get some adrenaline. I do enjoy scaring the living shit out of kids with it though.

General Shi Gai wrote:

The book covers of Scary Stories themselves made me shit bricks.

Stephen FUCKING Gammell, man. Too bad they changed the art to some other chucklenut’s in the reissues. Seriously, compare “Oh, Susannah!”:

Fucking Brett Helquist.


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