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Welp! Happy 23rd Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog

Last posted Jun 26, 2014 at 09:43PM EDT. Added Jun 23, 2014 at 11:50AM EDT
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So does that mean it makes sense that I’ve been playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine lately?

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Huh… I was going to play a little bit of Lost World today just because. Looks like I have a reason now! I might do some SA2 as well like you said.


I totally agree. Even the fanbase thinks the fanbase sucks. However, I’m pretty sure Sanic was originally just a joke. I’ve talked to him on YouTube directly and he’s a pretty normal guy. The video looks like it’s totally trolling as well, so I don’t really take it as an action of a “terrible fan”. Those other things though? They all suck. (Well, I liked Shadow the Hedgehog. Don’t hate me!)

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While I don’t mind OC or fanfictions (wich I still think all of them suck) What really bothers me are the fanboys and haters. The fanboys for defend undefendable games like 06 or Shadow The Hedgehog, and The haters for basically bash on everything Sega tries to do ( you don’t have no idea how angry I get when people say Unleashed is a bad game ’cause of the werehog)

I don’t really try to “defend” me liking Shadow the Hedgehog, I just like it. I cam understand why people think it’s bad and I won’t try to force others to like it. I just enjoy it myself. I do absolutely despise 06 though and people who try to defend it are turned into laughing stocks. I only sort of liked Unleashed though. I liked it about as much as I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog. I like some parts, but not others. The werehog parts weren’t the best, but they weren’t terrible either. and the day stages are the greatest. I agree with you on the haters. That’s why the fanbase is absolutely unpleasable. Every single game released gets endless hate. Sonic has left the dark ages for some time now yet people act like the dark ages are still happening. Even worse is when people from outside the fanbase bash all Sonic games when they’ve only played one or two, which makes no sense.

By the way, my favorite Sonic game of all time is Colors. I can’t get enough of it. What’s yours?

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Its quite hard for me to decide whar’s ny favorite :P SA 2 is pure awesomeness and fun but Generations also give me the chills of nostalgia. Unleashed was favorite game on the PS2 and I quite fond of the storybooks series ( the controls suck tough)


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