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Pet Peeve Thread (again)

Last posted Jul 16, 2014 at 02:33AM EDT. Added Jul 01, 2014 at 11:56AM EDT
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So here we go again another pet peeve thread.

Some of the pet peeves are:

-Saying someone has a British accent. There’s 3 British accents if you’re only talking about countries. Even then there a lot per country. Most people are referring to RP
-When people say oobisoft instead of ubisoft
-Never using capital letters
-Using Twitter hashtags Ironically or Un-Ironically
-Specific to this website saying “Spyder-byte”

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I hate when they start to randomly sing in movies, its one of the reasons why I’ve never really been able to enjoy most Disney movies. I mean there just so unnecessary, the plot could have been moved forward without them and quite frankly sometimes they make me feel uncomfortable.

My biggest pet peeve is when people make a thread about pet peeves shortly after there was a thread about pet peeves. Just kidding, Spyder-Byte.

What I seriously hate though is people not using a capital letter at the beginning of their sentence. Looks so sloppy.

When i spend a long time drawing something and it still turns out half-assed and crappy.

And when people say i’m dumb and disconnected because i’m a 12 year old with autism(I get that it’s probably true, but it still bugs me.).

I find most of the Conversationalists that were recently appointed Conversationalists pretend they’re big shots and actually think they have higher priority for voicing opinion among others.

Also: Custom Title begging, why?

-When people ask me how I listen to music (the arrangement of sound) without lyrics, which is a form of literature.
-When people say that classical music is boring when they only listen to a few pieces.

It even annoys me more when those few pieces are only from the early Romantic era and everything before it. THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLASSICAL MUSIC. There’s Renaissance, Baroque, Classicist, Romantic, Impressionistic, Serial, Expressionistic, Futurist, Minimalist, Modernist, Totalist, Jazz-Influenced, Ragtime, Microtonal, Atonal, Musique Concrète, Electroacoustic, Spectral, Free Imrovisation, Aleatoric, Primitive, Eclecticist, Polystylist, New Complexity, New Simplicity, and probably more that I haven’t even heard of. You can even stick prefixes like “neo” and “post” on some of those names and they will be other types of music, like Neoclassical and Postminimalist. That’s a lot of fucking music! People are telling me that classical music is boring when there is that much of it? And all of this is just referring to western classical music! I should have posted this on the rant thread.

-When people say “hurr durr.”
-When I show someone an original composition I wrote on the piano and they compliment me on how fast my fingers moved rather than how good the music itself was.
-When people leave stall doors open in public restrooms while they’re using them.
-When people see a chemical name in the ingredients of their food and assume that it is artificial. Sucrose is just the chemical name for table sugar. Sodium Chloride is just the chemical name for table salt. Plus, most stable chemicals can be found somewhere on Earth.
-When people see a chemical name in the ingredients of their food and assume that it is bad for you. Cyanocobalamin is just Vitamin B12. Phylloquinone is just Vitamin K.
-People who just say that all chemicals are bad in general. They are made of chemicals. Plus, there are many natural things that are bad (Venom, Toxins, etc.).
-When people can’t find their own country on a map.
-PETA (I think they’re just looking for attention though.)
-When I wake up in the middle of the night.
-When people say “I hate fat people that don’t care about their weight.” Why should you care about how other people are taking care of themselves?
-When people talk about “hardcore” and “casual” gamers. Does it matter? Games are games.
-When parents let their kids misbehave in public and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT.

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-most noises made by humans
-when people intentionally make those noises after I tell them to stop
-when I’m playing ssbb and people quit right before the match ends
-when people laugh when I’m angry
I can do this all day.

A Furry wrote:

I fucking hate it when people keep telling me “You like to fuck animals?” after I tell ‘em I’m a furry.

Come on, man. Seriously.

I Know someone who thinks that “gay yiff” is gay bestiality porn

The sound of chalk on a chalkboard. There’s just something about that scraping that just hurts my ears.
People that get mad at me for watching anime dubbed. If I felt like reading I might as well just read the manga and also I find most Japanese voices to high-pitched for my liking.
The last thing that bugs me off the top of my head are people that ridicule me for watching anything that’s animated when all they do is watch reality shows. I’m sorry I don’t want to watch all the shitty reality shows that networks just churn out of their ass like there’s no tomorrow when I can look at something that many people worked hard on and tells a story instead of someone’s boring ass life that is of no interest to me because if I want reality I’ll just live my goddamn life!

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When people use words like “nigger” and “faggot” on the internet and act like it’s just another minor insult like “bitch” or “bastard”. NO. THEY ARE RACIST AND HOMOSEXUAL SLURS AND ANYONE WHO USES THEM INLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

What I hate is when I start my car and forget to put it in Neutral, and then some old woman has to make her way outside to tell me “you gotta start it in neutral”

It’s like ‘effin really mate, you think I don’t know how to start a ’95 toyota?

So my pet peeve is those people who think like they are above everyone else cause they know how to do a simple task.

the word “handy” in german (which is used to refer to a mobilephone).

bad german (i think i already elucidated this in a similar thread), this doesn’t mean i’m offended by “ze schlecht german accent, ja?” becasue that’s used for humorous reasons. i also don’t talk about bad “spoken” german, although i never understood why filmmakers don’t just get someone who can actually speak german to voiceact their germans (at least those pars where they speak german) instead of producing awkward things like:

this isn’t even that bad grammar, or badly botched up german. of course it sounds extremely awkward, but the sentences make somewhat sense (in the original version, but just listen to spanish lol). but there are posts or movies where i just think wtf, what do they mean, and putting this into google translate (i just assume that’s waht people do, go to translate and put in their comment in engish, thean just copy-paste the result) and letting it tanslate it back to english doesn’t work either.
of course, that can be said about other languages too, like when german filmmakers have a “polish guy” in their movies and suddently he starts spewing random russian and other words from various slavic languages, more often than not in a really bad accent.
and then there’s german politicans trying hard:

oh cringe, sweet cringe…

air bubbles between my screen and screen protector
elitist wacom fangirls/fanboys
telling me to use upper and lower case properly outside of “official business”

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  • When people get offended by /b/tards using the -fag suffix
  • When people think someone can’t enjoy a movie because it got bad reviews
  • When people think a movie is brilliant because it got good reviews
  • When people think popularity equates to quality
  • When people (Eurofags in particular) bash America
  • When people are patriotic
  • When people are weeaboos
  • When people are grammar nazis
  • Some of the things 4chan does, most of the things Reddit does and all of the things Tumblr does
  • The draft
  • Le kramaz
  • My pets
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- People who upload porn to KYM just for the purpose of being porn and the people who fap to it. I know this is kind of selfish of me and people should have the right to fap to mostly whatever they want, but really? Why here? Why don’t they just go to a porn site? I don’t come to KYM to see hentai tits in the trending images box literally all the time. I come for memes and shit, and this endless softcore porn contributes nothing to the entries they are put in.

- When people try to kill every bug they see for no reason. Seriously, why? I can kind of understand when they’re in your house and there’s an infestation or something, but why kill one stray bug just sitting there in the corner of your house? It’s not doing anything to you! Even worse are the people who kill loads of innocent bugs OUTSIDE. You’re invading their territory technically and you just kill them on sight. Please don’t be one of these people.

- When people have a phobia so they expect everyone to bend over and comply to their demands so you don’t “trigger” them. For example, for arachnophobes and people afraid of roaches, they expect everyone around them to stop everything and kill the bug while the dower in the corner waiting which ties into my last pet peeve.

- When people expect you to use a certain pronoun when referring to them and they expect you to just know which one they want you to use and get offended if you use the wrong one (Ex: Some trans people). In fact, this gets so bad sometimes that people just make up BS pronouns for themselves because they’re such a special little snowflake. I can understand the trans thing, but it’s still quite unnecessary, but the people who do it just because sicken me.


I can understand that. I love Disney movies/musicals, but if you don’t like it, that’s fine. At least you’re nice about it. It’s horrible when people don’t have a taste for something and don’t personally like it (Ex: musicals) so they think it’s “bad” and try to convince everyone it’s terrible even though the content is in a category of something they don’t really personally enjoy, which I guess is another pet peeve of mine. This happened a lot with Frozen on release. Your opinion is nice because you’re just expressing a valid opinion for a valid reason without bashing other people’s tastes.

When I’m having a hard time with a game I get incredibly frustrated and mad and I’ll even drive myself to tears at times, more than the average gamer would. I am getting better at controlling it but it’s the biggest reason I don’t play video games often and instead watch playthroughs/livestreams.

Seeing thread topics pop up over and over again every few months gets a little grating on me. I can’t blame anyone for it as new users are coming in all the time and it can bring in some interesting discussion on a topic that was originally dead but for some reason I get slightly annoyed every time it happens.

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queenofderp333 wrote:

When people use words like “nigger” and “faggot” on the internet and act like it’s just another minor insult like “bitch” or “bastard”. NO. THEY ARE RACIST AND HOMOSEXUAL SLURS AND ANYONE WHO USES THEM INLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

This is actually my pet peeve. When people give words way too much power.

i always hated how whenever someone fucks up when making an entry they get a lot of shit for it, i mean yeah it makes sense if they been on this site for a long time, or if they constantly keep making fucked up articles, but if they’re new or if its their first time making articles is it really necessary to call the people faggots or to tell them to stay off the site. I mean when we treat new members like shit because they make mistakes then it becomes pretty obvious why our community is so small.


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