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To the admins:

Last posted Dec 18, 2009 at 11:48AM EST. Added Dec 17, 2009 at 02:37PM EST
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List of memes that need cleanup, editing, and then admission:

Sad Rat:

Reprecussions of evil:

Eh Marine:


(Possibly) Jeep Brah:

Insanity Wolf:

Please edit and confirm these.

Thank you.

Also, can we look into these?

Especially the last one. Habeeb it is definitely a meme.

Sure thing Griff. Find out everything you can about “Eh Marine”

If you’d like, you can start a new thread on the topic and try to round up the efforts of some other researchers.

In the meantime, I’m going to proofread and fact-check “doom repercussions of evil”

@Dave Davidson
I said it once and I will say it again:
It’ll be a BIG insult to the otaku community, and people will rage about this. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between addiction to a hobby and addiction to Japan!

I can see that Paffendorf and Nyu’s Art Meme is ready to be confirmed, but I still need help with the Spinzaku. I dunno about the ORZ and Akita Neru tho’…

Sorry for the self-promotion, but I’m going to start judging my own articles that are still in submissions:

Fake/Funny Error Messages

Already critiqued by Chris and some other users to be too broad of an idea to be considered an internet meme but when they fix up that “other-than-memes” category of the website, it’ll probably be confirmed and added there.

iPod Ad Spoofs/Parodies

I’m bending towards “too broad” again but it’s shown great prevalence on the interwebz in the form of videos and image parodies which makes me think that this is a solid “yes”, but then again, so was Che Guevara. So for this article, I’m sort of torn 50-50. What do you think of it, fellow researchers? (I’m pretty sure that Taryn still thinks it’s too IRL to be considered and I respect that)

Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga

I’ve fixed the article up a bit and I think it’s good for confirmation. I also want to see an admin’s evaluation of the article (probably Brad since he’s the guy who knows his stuff when it comes to Asian memes). Anything else I need to add into that article?

Kodomo no Jikan Ending Parodies

Are you admins still skeptical about opening/ending parodies? I think this MAD article is good for confirmation already.

What has been seen cannot be unseen

I definitely still need to research for more info about this meme. If any of you guys have anything to add to that article (an origin would be greatly appreciated), I’ll be glad to add it in.


It would be interesting if this article was approved for “Parent Entry” status. I think the article just needs a little tweaking at some parts (I’m probably going to have to rewrite all that I’ve blockquoted from Wikipedia in my own words so that it’s a more personal article).

@Christmas Streetlights,

I’ve been chasing down some dead end theories for the last couple hours.
We have an explanation for what it means, but what we need is an explanation of how it came to be that way, and when.

We know that it comes from a Perry Bible Fellowship comic, but there’s nothing about the comic that implies anyone is a wannabe Japanese. So we’ve got to figure out what events lead to it taking on that meaning. Why does weeaboo mean wannabe Japanese? There’s gotta be a story of some kind behind it.

One thing I found was that there was a genmay user named Weeaboo who registered in July of 2005, when the search trend begins. But Accessing Weeaboo’s list requires certain user privileges and I’ve only been lurking. You’ve gotta earn or buy points, so I can’t use their search.

But that turned out to be unimportant. I found Genmay on Urban Dictionary in 2003.

So now we know that it’s pre-4chan. The next place I would look is SomethingAwful.

Doing a Google search by date is pretty hard. Weeaboo is such a popular term on Livejournal and Gamefaqs and tons of other places that you get false positives for 2001 that turn out to be the date the site was registered, not posted.

It’s gonna take a lot of digging to find out how Weeaboo got it’s meaning.

Fake/Funny Error Messages

You’re correct, it’s not exactly an internet meme, but at some point when we revamp the categorization, we’ll include a section for stuff like this. But I also want to point out that we don’t want a lot of really broad subjects like this.

iPod Ad Spoofs/Parodies

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’m just not really in favor of calling it a meme. It might go along with this “other than memes” category we’ve talked about, but the implementation is a ways off.

But here’s my reasoning.

The iPod ads were so prevalent and so successful that the parodies, spoofs, and imitators didn’t have to spread the idea to eachother.

And this gets to part of the problem I have with analyzing something that’s sourced from professionally produced media rather than participatory memes.

TBWA \ Media Arts Lab is the ad agency that has produced every bit of advertising for Apple for the last 20 odd years and they’ve been iconic. And really, most ad campaigns to come out of TBWA have inspired people to create parodies or imitate them in some way.

You could go really in depth with talking about the creative ad campaigns to come out of TBWA and the ways people have gone around repeating them. But then the real story gets down to the people involved.

Lee Clow, the Chief Creative Director has made household names out of a number of brands before Apple. I can say “It keeps going and going and going and going” and you know I’m talking about the Energizer Bunny. That’s one of Lee Clow’s creations. I can say “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” and every thinks of that little Chihuahua. Again, that’s Lee Clow’s doing. Well, him and the rest of the people he’s directed over the years.

That’s advertising though. That’s marketing. That’s creative production. Other creative people are naturally inclined to create spoofs of hugely successful ad campaigns, pros and amateurs alike.

So there’s really no question of “where did this come from?” or “what makes people want to imitate it?” The answer is that marketing is both a profession and an industry. They’re in the business of making things that are attention getting and entertaining by design.

A meme is something that can spread by it’s own qualities without relying on a person to buy ad-space for it.


Normally, I would say this is a memetic hub and not a meme. But the story of how it started is really what makes it a meme.

But the order that things are stated seems little mixed up. It should be clearer that it was because of the fact that other people were making their own single serving sites that imitated his format that Max Goldberg decided to start YTMND, a site centered around this one meme. But the material produced by users of the site became fads of their own, and in a lot of cases, parts of other memes. By starting YTMND, it transformed from being a single meme to an entire memetic hub.

@ Chris

Okay, so if I understood your evaluations right, we’re agreeing to keep the “Fake/Funny Error Messages” under Submissions until that “other-than-memes” category is up and running. For the “iPod Ad Spoofs/Parodies”, we’re agreeing that the meme is just a spawn of the already-popular marketing strategy of this Lee Clow person and therefore it’s too mainstream and too broad of an idea (even for the “other-than-memes” category) and must be Deadpooled (I’m fine with that). For the “YTMND” article, on the other hand, we’re agreeing that it just needs to be worded better and it’s good for confirmation (P.S. Amidoinitrite by sub-memeing it under Single-Serving Sites?). I’ll be fixing the YTMND article tomorrow because it’s very late now.

So, am I getting my facts right so far?


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