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hey im new (Ed: newbie onboarding practices)

Last posted Jan 05, 2010 at 02:39PM EST. Added Dec 17, 2009 at 06:10PM EST
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well the admins have to go check your history and if they accept you your a mod, but there should be a written contract sent to you

Written contract? That’s a little overkill.
If they do choose to make you a mod, unless it’s a huge site, it’s normally just a message/email sent to you asking if you will accept.

@Real Genius:
Desu, Cloverbeatme, etc…

A user named desudesu4lyfedesu was trolling a little bit ago. He was banned, but we were suspicious that he might make an alternate account. That’s why I asked you the stormtrooper question.
But you’re not that guy.

But wait…

But that could just be a coincidence.

And if not, he seems to have learned his lesson.

Edit: wow, that picture sucks.

Wow, you guys are so untrusting. Remember, be kind and courteous to everyone you meet (hopefully, trolls will get bored of you once you act nicely to them and they’ll leave the site).

@ Santa

I know I’m a bit late for this but…

Like Griff said earlier on, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them to any of the admins and/or users on this site. We’ll be sure to come around and help you out with any trouble you’re having.

@ Skankin

See what I mean? Untrusting. You guys rage too easily. Though, I’ve been told about the whole ordeal you guys had to go through earlier during the day so I kind of understand why you’re all tense and stuff. But still, it’s always best to be kind and courteous (this has always been my rule of thumb for everything if you haven’t figured it out by now) even to those who piss you off really badly. BUT, if an obvious troll is/becomes obvious, that’s the opportune time when you start barging in and flaming the bastard like the bunch of lunatics I know you guys really are!

For now though, this person seems legit and you should treat him/her with some respect.

Normally I’d agree, but this just seems really suspicious. We’re not raging, either, we’re just on edge due to recent events.
If he isn’t the guy, sorry, nothing personal, just routine procedure.

Assume good faith! As people learn about a community’s social norms, they adapt to its customs.

I think the presence of “trolling” is often more a failure on our part to to make our community’s norms known & understandable, rather than a failure on someone else’s part to understand them..

Hmm? How so? If we wrongly accuse someone of trolling because we are not accustomed to their patterns of communication, we have failed. If they purposely make terrible contributions which negatively impact the community as a whole, they have failed, in which case the classification of “troll” is entirely justifiable.
I believe that if someone really wants to join our community, it would be a fairly simple and straightforward process. It’s not like we make it hard to fit in, nor are we hostile. We meet this new user with a fair amount of suspicion, but in my mind, it’s quite logical to do such a thing considering the circumstances.


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