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No Fap September

Last posted Oct 12, 2014 at 11:37PM EDT. Added Sep 01, 2014 at 02:37AM EDT
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Sonic Prime wrote:

I don’t bother. I mean, do you win something doing this?

….Nope. Let’s move on

You reward yourself by jerking off on October 1st.

Last year I went 11 days without fapping. It felt really good…..when I orgasmed.

I’m not even gonna try this year. I have trouble sleeping if I don’t fap. I already lost in the first hour.

Last edited Sep 01, 2014 at 11:46AM EDT

RandomMan wrote:

If I keep up until like 8pm today, I probably already beat 50% of our userbase.

Well that depends on whether or not you’re counting the users that aren’t even trying.
I mean, if there was some real money on the line I could last a day without breaking a sweat. But as is, I wouldn’t consider doing this dumb, pointless, self-congratulatory shit for even a second. Hell, I’m trying to live my life with as much enjoyment as possible- why in the fuck would I willingly take so much away?

Chokesmurf wrote:

I was doing fine until I found out about the leaked Jennifer Lawrence photos.

And then I lost. Really badly.

I know, what a way to begin no fap september, I like to say it adds an extra challenge for the people actually trying.

I’m being perfectly serious, porn is something I don’t want in my life.

This is something I have been trying, for about a couple months or so, with limited success. I relapsed only a couple times on August, but September I plan on being 100% porn and masturbation free. Most people take this lightly or jokingly, but I really want to fulfill this challenge, and not just on Septembers. I just feel wrong after masturbating, like I’m wasting my life and time. And when I live porn free, something about me feels right. I don’t know really, but I think doing this is the right thing for me to do.

So yes, I hope to keep this going for as long as possible, not just September.

For those people who keep talking about how this has some kind of benefit, News Flash: masturbating regularly or just having sex is good for you, probably more than the bad if it even exists. Also, for those who are really hooked and already do it daily, the stress will ruin you, not to mention the fact that you’ll be so damn horny all the time you won’t be able to concentrate on anything you’re doing which is bad if you have school or work. For those of you who aren’t too into it, and want to go for it, go ahead because it’ll be easier. However, I don’t get why people who really like to fap torture themselves even though they know they can’t win.

Nononifier, the Dark Lord of things wrote:

I win! I didn’t fap today! Now to go fap! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Pics or didn’t happen.

Although it’s always fun to hear participants share their experiences over the month, up until the point that they either give up or succeed and can fap again.

Dragon Trainer Trollanort wrote:

(Reads above comments)

WOW. You guys are being outlasted, and only TWO FUCKIN DAYS IN, by a pubescent teen.

You can say you won’t get addicted to it, but…

(I made it like 4 hours after my last post. Guess I loose again this year..)

The Cute Master :3 wrote:

You can say you won’t get addicted to it, but…

(I made it like 4 hours after my last post. Guess I loose again this year..)

This’ll be a cinch for me. I’m already in High School and I’m writing a book anyway, plus I’m a gamer so all of those already take priority like a Gale Wings Talonflame.


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