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AMV=MAD?? (Post the most decent AMV you can find on YouTube

Last posted Jan 04, 2010 at 12:34AM EST. Added Jan 03, 2010 at 05:58AM EST
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After reading a certain site in Lurkmoar, it has been said that AMV’s are actually just a western equivalent of MAD’s.
In fact, the only reason why AMV’s are underappreciated in the Western community is that there are too many bad AMV’s cluttered arond in Youtube; meanwhile, Japanese are cluttered with bad MAD’s while they appreciate some of the better AMV’s developed around YouTube.(or at least that’s what Lurkmore said)

Currently, the “AMV” entry is deadpooled, but while it is less appreciated, let’s try strolling (Strolling, not Trolling) around YouTube and see if we can find one :3

Last edited Jan 03, 2010 at 06:01AM EST

Hmm. Unless somebody asks Jim Kaposztas (the creator of the first intentional AMV back in 1982) directly, I don’t know if anyone can claim that MAD led to AMVs. Sure, they look the same and they both use Japanese-origin media as their raw material but that isn’t conclusive. More importantly, they had completely different intents when they first developed.

MAD movies started as a remix video art that was sometimes nonsensical, sometimes a commentary on the state of culture or politics (satire or parody) but MAD movies weren’t necessarily trying to tell a story.

Anime Music Videos are (were) about telling stories using the music to emphasize an element (an idea, a character, or a story) from the anime. You got props for editing a song and video that was synched to one of these elements. During its heyday, AMV competitions were very much about staying true to this formula. I haven’t been involved in the AMV community for a number of years now so things may have changed.

I’m going to undeadpool the AMV entry and open it up to debate again. If MADs is confirmed, what makes AMVs not notable?

I’m also going to try to contact Jim Kaposztas and ask if he had seen any MAD tapes before he made his Space Battleship Yamato AMV.

ok heres one i made it took 30 minutes to make most of that time was loading and uploading times
took 10 minutes to actually make the video


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