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Know Your Meme Traffic Debate

Last posted Jan 06, 2010 at 04:56PM EST. Added Jan 05, 2010 at 08:34AM EST
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This thread was made to accumulate an ammount of opinons on the subject of site traffic. Let it be known that your opinions matter and whether site traffic will benefit us, or hurt us.

Site Trafficing -

A period of time where a website gets a frequent amount of users joining.

DISCLAIMER: This is no intention for a raunchy flame war – Just a small debate with no insulting matters.

- Affirmatives

Explain why Site Traffic on KYM will benefit the site and what it can lead to.

- Negatives

Explain why Site Traffic is can be hurtful to the site and what it can lead to.


1.Pick a side. (Affirmative or Negative)
2.State your opinion.
3.Post Comment

Personally, I oppose of Site Traffic because an excessive amount of population can lead to repetitive meme entries that will end up causing a huge dilemma vice-versa.

Last edited Jan 05, 2010 at 08:49AM EST

Site traffic is always derogatory, ALWAYS.

As soon as something goes mainstream, it turns to crap. It’s like a machine gun that fires inactive users, crappy, uninspired material, internet drama, and forced memes.

Proof? /b/

However, (Justify) an increase in population would increase discussion activity. We’d get more posts on empty threads and it’d cure waiting an hour (not exaggeration, this is true) for one post on your thread.

It’d also have a on-going discussion during night-hours for people who log in early or are from a distant time difference.

Less traffic means that other Rocketboom projects take priority over Know Your Meme. This translates into the developers spending less time improving the site. Less traffic would also translate into less incentive for advertisers. Taken to the extreme this means shutting down KYM entirely, and focusing on Rocketboom and

If you’re worried about this site “going mainstream” we were already in’s 50 Best Websites of 2009, back in August. That’s before Hector, Skankin, and Zombie even came here. If we were in any danger of being tainted by becoming too popular, it’s already happened.

Growth is not a bad thing. Growth keeps sites alive. It’s when a website stops growing that’s when you should be worried.

And in case any of you are worried about KYM “selling out” I can assure you that even after being mentioned in popular press, I am still just some dude living in a tiny apartment in a neighborhood described as “historic” when they mean “ancient and run-down.”

Last edited Jan 05, 2010 at 07:09PM EST

We love this site too much to let that happen. Believe me, I made more money when I worked in commercial printing than I do now. But it’s not about what I can do to make more money. It’s about working on projects that I love, this site being the main one.

I would hate for this site to ever benefit anybody other than those insiders who already know the memes. I mean, I think we can all agree that a pressing reason for signing up here is to submit a meme. I think if you’re comfortable enough to submit a meme, you probably are familiar with a fair number of memes. If you know your meme, you probably aren’t the target demographic of know your meme. If you don’t know your meme, you probably don’t need to know your meme. After all, dictionaries are not for people that don’t know words; they’re for people that know words to put on their shelves and not use. Thus, dictionaries don’t need traffic, and neither does this site.

I’m not sure if the tongue-and-cheek tag is working.


The tongue-IN-cheek tag doesn’t work when it isn’t applied correctly.

To use KYM, you MUST have basic knowledge. What a meme is, what its purpose (or non-purpose) is, etc. If you do not know such things, you also probably do not understand internet humor, and therefore would be required to LURK MOAR on other sites that properly display internet humor (such as ED)

One thoroughly educated on the internets, you are a welcome researcher on the website.

@Zombie I am not meme.


Sure, you have to know SOMETHING about memes, and internet humor in general, but you don’t have to be well-versed. If you are, there’s a good chance you have something to submit. I know a lot of the memes we see come from, or end up in, a select few sources like YTMND, 4chan, etc. but let’s not forget that the internet is vast, and even with the great contributors that this site has, it doesn’t have all of the memes that have been, or will be. Traffic can’t hurt unless it’s left to go apeshit by its own devices, and I think we have a pretty effective deadpool system and great admin.

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