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Last posted Jan 22, 2010 at 06:43PM EST. Added Jan 21, 2010 at 07:47PM EST
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Has anyone seen this? It was just uploaded today by a user named Legion Grandmaster. Apparently Legion is trying to organize itself. The title is PSA #1, so that probably means that we can expect more videos. I posted something about Legion about a month ago, but there wasn’t really anything much about it then.
Also, if Legion gets big, I call making an entry for it.

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Oh wait, I remember now. Logan tried to spread this rumor about a month ago, but we mostly thought he was confused about Legion being something other than Anonymous.

So…we’re supposed to believe that you didn’t create that Youtube account? Smells fishy to me.

Why would you think that I created the account? I couldn’t care less what goes on in /b/.
I wasn’t spreading a rumor either. I just made mention of it in another thread…

Inb4 “How’d you find it?”
I’ve been watching Anon vs Scientology vids for like a week now. I saw “Legion PSA” in a related video, so I clicked on it. I remembered posting something about legion in an earlier thread, and thought that it was a nice find, so I thought it’d be nice of me to post it here, but obviously I was wrong…

Sorry about the accusatory tone, but you’ve got to admit that this looks really strange.

The “we are legion” meme came to be associated with Anonymous during project Chanology in January 2008. For almost two years, the terms Legion and Anonymous were basically synonymous.

Then, last month, you tell us all that Legion is some new offshoot of “good” Anonymous, without providing any further info of where you came to this conclusion.

Then yesterday, you post this video that had only been viewed 25 times. So, if this supposed new offshoot of Anonymous is a real thing, where did you find out about it? How did you find out about this video?

Also, from the “You Found the Amulet” thread:

“Speaking of Anonymous, Taryn’s brother told everyone to join Legion earlier today… He’s from the future, Chris, the future…”

Maybe Taryn’s brother is the one who is trying to be LegionGrandmaster. Regardless of who it is, they could benefit from reading about how X is not your personal army.

The fact that the only mentions of Legion being something other than Anonymous are found only HERE in the KYM community makes me really sad. I guess that just means we have to do a better job of documenting the colossal failures of the countless others who have been ridiculed for trying to become the leader of Anonymous.

The KYM community is meant to be a place where people discuss how and why ideas spread, not try to create their own movements.


I took this for a test-drive on /b/ just now. Even though eliminating CP is a noble cause, /b/’s got no support for this new movement.

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Hmm.I had forgotten about “Taryn’s brother”. I went in that day and he was talking about how Legion was going to upload a virus to destroy the internet, but then I left.

I was thinking that these people that post as “Legion” might just be trolls, attempting to anger /b/ by telling them that their CP is going away, although some of them might actually support the removal of CP from /b/. I don’t think that they will be very successful in their efforts to try to make /b/ give it up though.

I’ll ask my friend to look into it. He’s the one with all of the connections on the internet.

Sorry for stirring up such a controversy on the forums. My rep is probably dead now that everybody thinks that I’m the guy that uploaded those videos.

Yes, and I hate how it seems like I am the one who is doing it. I can see why it seems like I am the one who uploaded those videos and spread Legion’s propaganda, but I assure you that I am not the guy who “invented” it, nor do claim to have any affiliation with this group. I’m not going to mention Legion anymore, because I don’t want my name to be involved with it’s origin. Let’s just see how this plays out.

I’ve seen a few mentions of it on /b/, but not many. Perhaps it was just a trolling technique used by trolls, but is unsuccessful so it just isn’t used much, but the “LegionGrandmaster” actually decided to take seriously and take up the challenge. I was also thinking that maybe Legion has a hidden agenda and wants to start a civil war within /b/. Let’s pray that that doesn’t happen.

You might want to snip that part about the trial run from your post. We don’t want /b/ to think that we are the ones doing this, and I CERTAINLY don’t want them thinking that I am the one doing it.

Also, while you’re here, can you look at this? I don’t think that there’s much more I can do with it…


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