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Musical Talent?

Last posted Jan 30, 2010 at 03:56AM EST. Added Jan 21, 2010 at 10:27PM EST
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Do any of my fellow internet people play an instrument? Synth? Pirated FL studio? LET ME KNOW, FOOLS.
Someday, I would like to make a massive, awesome collaboration of rickroll with all of you guys :3

I can play any instrument I want to… just horribly. I just don’t know HOW to play any of them.

Seriously though, I’m pretty skilled at drums even though I’ve only been playing for about a year or so.

Also, inb4 the missing Griff McConal posts anything similar to, “I can play the banjo”; Average Joe posts anything similar to, “I can play the drums too, like Jostin can”; Pterodactyl posts anything similar to, “I’m learning how to play the guitar”; and Badgerfrank10 posts anything similar to, “I have a bass guitar”. Those are the only instrument-playing people I can remember right now. I might post others I remember later.

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I play guitar, bass, and keyboard. I can kinda do Steven Wilson vocals from Porcupine Tree as well, although they aren’t very good. I am also pretty good at FL Studio, so pretty much my only hindrance is that I can’t drum to save my life. I dare say I am TOO coordinated, lol.

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Guitar (3 years) and Viola (3 years).

I also can sing, but whenever I try to people say it’s horrible :-(. Maybe it’s because I’m in middle school with a bunch of jerks LOL.
Music is my life.

I used be a freaking prodigy at the violin when I was younger. I had to stop, though because of school. Then I picked up the guitar (Dad taught me) then I gave up. Now I currently play the Garageband.
I’d like to pick up the guitar again, though if I have time.

I can play the keyboard. See? ddhhkkfsdfhfhff

JK, but I really can play piano/keyboard.

@ Captain Blubber if u can do it liek that, then u are epic

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