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Wikipedia and TVTropes do NOT know their memes.

Last posted Feb 02, 2010 at 05:45PM EST. Added Jan 30, 2010 at 07:38PM EST
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Has anyone else ever noticed that Wikipedia and TVTropes often mislabel things that are not memes as memes?

Thank you for fixing the title!

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I’m pretty sure I know what you THINK is wrong with them: They’re not INTERNET memes.

You can argue that their memes aren’t popularized on the INTERNET but you can’t argue the fact that most of the memes listed there are VIRAL, REMADED and/or PARODIZED.

I’m just stating my POV. Hey, I got my Spinzaku from TVTropes and it’s still hovering on Submission…

Just an example:
1) That’s what she said
2) Guevara (or whoever that guy is…)
3) D’OH!
4) Worst. [sumthing]. Ever.
5) Stupid. Sexy. X. “It’s like wearing nothing at all…”
6) The internet is for [y’all watched that episode of 2nd Avenue, ryt?].
7) This is an endless recursion of time
8) Ah~? Nani~?(Huh, What?)
9) This is an endless recursion of time
10) Ah~? Nani~?(Huh, What?)
11) This is an endless recursion of time
12) Ah~? Nani~?(Huh, What?)
13) GAR shrugs

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