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Internet World (Theme Park Concept)

Last posted Feb 15, 2010 at 06:03AM EST. Added Feb 04, 2010 at 04:25PM EST
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What do all of you think about having a Internet-Themed Amusement Park?

So far, I have multiple internet-related projects scheduled to be activated by next summer. If you want to learn more about them, please just ask me politely, and I’ll share plenty of details about the projects with you, as well as my loved-ones.

Internet World: The Amusement Park & Tech-Resort:

It is going to involve YOU, software-companies, and many webmasters, who are willing to donate their ideas & money to fund Internet World Project by next summer. If you’re willing to design theme-park rides or any other interesting art-concepts for that project, please send me a note via your DeviantART-inbox.

Before I even activate that project, which is due to begin next summer, I’ll tell you what Internet World is definitely going to provide:

1. Free Food For Homeless ONLY (everyone else must pay at least 1 dollar for a meal provided by the future restaurants located within my Internet World Theme Park). HELP THE OPPRESSED @ INTERNET WORLD!

2. Tech-Mall (Donation Center), which would be packed with delightful shoppers, who are very interested in donating to open-source software-developers. WE NEED PUBLIC SUPPORT @ INTERNET WORLD!

3. Nerd-Camps (Daytime-Classes) for children struggling in school (especially in their math & history classes). TEACH OUR CHILDREN @ INTERNET WORLD!

4. Porn Rehab-Facilities (Including Game-Rehab Centers) for any of you, who wants to end your addiction to internet-smut & mind-altering games that tend to attract people, who lack adventure in their real-lives. KEEP IT CLEAN @ INTERNET WORLD!

@Bamboozle: Thanks for your encouragement. I hope you’re serious, because that’s what the internet is for: Serious people, who want to have fun.

I hope our Internet World: Theme Park & Tech-Resort will be the home of all the present & future-memes that were introduced online by 2012 (if not later). I’m planning to make Internet World bigger than Disney World & Universal Studios. Wal-Mart & other major government-controlled corporations will help fund the Internet World Project, and righteous community-leaders will be at the park & resort to moderate all of the fun activities, there.

Prepare to meet characters that we all know & love at Internet World, such as Serious Cat, Ceiling Cat, Courage Wolf, YOUR MOM, Advice Puppy, and Chad Syphrett (my original character).

To find out more about my internet-related projects, please watch for updates at deviantART or Youtube, next summer. I would also like to present more of my projects at this website before I start working at those other 2 sites.

Designs for Internet World Hotel & Washrooms (Bathrooms):

Designs of the rides & events in general at Internet World is going to be presented at least 1 year before the park is actually created. I’m planning to find enough land to start building the Internet World Park-Rides, Shopping Mall, and Transparent-Hotel (b. The reason why the hotel will be transparent is so the moderators at the park will be able to clearly see who & what’s going on in the hotel-rooms. There will be no privacy at Internet World, except for in the bathroom stalls. The toilets at Internet World will have soft seats & arm-rests.

Internet World Ride #1:

1 of the rides that I plan to design will have multiple tubes & loose balls (the type that you usually find at McDonalds “Playscapes”. I’m going to call it “The Proxy Adventure-Tubes” or “Free Internet Ride”. Each tube will have loads of surprises & gifts from the companies that may sponsor Internet World in the near-future.

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You’ll need some form of identity & a password to enter Internet World: Theme Park & Tech-Resort. If you’re on a list of sexual-deviants; pedophiles & ect. you will be required to stay away from Internet World, and return to the World Wide Web, where it’s easier to monitor your activity or manipulate you dataz!

Please give me ideas for Internet World rides*, and please be serious about this project. I don’t like silly comments about Internet World. Stop trolling my epic-magical thread, you phucking Nephilim.

Bamboozle, I think your ideas for park-rides are epic. Here are some more ideas I have for Internet World Theme Park-Rides & Events:

1. The Chuck Norris Mountain-Ride

A Chuck Norris Head-shaped mountain, in which park-riders would be quickly shuttled up, around, and through holes (caves) within the mountain. Each hole would have a hidden exit, so as the riders are zooming past mythical scenes from Chuck Norris’s epic battles & Monsters, they’ll be blasted through dark passages & doors that would suddenly open wide enough for the riders to escape each cave (where the monsters were chasing them).

So basically the Chuck Norris Mountain-Ride would appear much like a haunted rocky-house, except visitors will be going through each sections of that ride in a vehicle that protects them from actually being harmed or struck by any of those performers in the monster-outfits. In other words, that ride will be scary & confusing -like I am.

2. The Over 9000-ft Long Ride – Another roller-coaster, which would blast park-riders up, over, and around various towers & facilities, which I plan to design (and build) at my future-park.

3. The Pedobear Van – This ride will be shaped as van & col:ored brown with yellow “epic smiley-face” dots like this emoticon:

The park-riders, who partake of that ride will be molested, until someone calls the police IRL.

Anyway, I hope you & others consider being co-managers of my Internet World-Project with me, next summer (2010). I plan to broadcast myself & make announcements about Internet World at, by then.

ALSO Watch For Updates At: (That’s where I usually present my art-projects).

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Wait, so Chad-Syphrett was serious with that topic ?
Is it a nicknamed troll telling us to be aware of him or is he really him trying to make a propaganda because of his trouble with ED ?


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