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Are you a Piarte or a Ninja?

Last posted Nov 06, 2009 at 03:48PM EST. Added Aug 24, 2009 at 04:49PM EDT
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Actually, ninjas do have a special god.

His name is Shaquille O’Neal.

Do you see them sweet-ass ninja-esque moves?

Disregard the fact he ends up losing to cyborg. Because seriously, how’s a pirate going to fare better?

Shaq-fu is only good when your fighting Godzilla, my man. Shaq is nothing!

And if Shaq, the “ninja god”, lost to a cyborg, just watch this video of a lowly pirate fending off against a completely metallic robot!

Beat that!

Well, whoever it is that’s superior between a pirate and a robot, we may never know. What we are very sure of is that vampires are nothing to both of them:

And who says pirates can’t dance good? Here’s a bunch of dancing pirates:

@ Tomberry and Pterodactyl

I agree with Tomberry, but I’ve dropped the subject of fence-sitters because this debate is all about Pirates and Ninjas.

@ Chris

I loved Hook! It is one of my favorite movies of all time. That’s an awesome remix you found.

Captain Hook: Smee! Do something intelligent!
Smee: (start an ensemble of random sounds that explode into a full-fledged song)


If you like the Hook mix, check out some of the artist’s other works. His name is Pogo AKA Fagottron.

Related to that: you might also like wreckandsalvage.

@ Capt.

This thread:

But I don’t know what Genius wants to fix in it.

@ Everybody else

Hell no! Chuck Norris can divide by zero without even doing anything! You need two CF’s to divide by zero but with Chuck, all you need is a roundhouse kick!

Fix’d the thread so it’s no longer shists.

Also both sides should check this out.

Especially the CN fans they must pause the video at 0:57 and look to the top left.

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